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17 Ways To Get Cheap Gym Memberships Near You (For Life!) - MoneyPantry (1)Going to the gym is excellent for physical and mental health. But it's not cheap!

See how you can save money at a gym or health club.

At gyms, you should always try before you buy. If you sign a contract and find out you don't like the gym environment or it doesn't have the equipment you're looking for, you're wasting your money.

That's why it's a good idea to try a gym membership before making a long-term commitment.

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Fortunately, many gyms offer free trial passes.

Here are some examples of gyms that offer free trials:

you can also useGymTicket.comto find free tickets to participating gyms, health clubs and gyms. The website offers a directory of more than 20,000 gyms and health clubs across the country.

2. Join a cheap gym

Some gyms are very expensive, costing $70 or more per month.

So consider joining a cheaper gym. Cheap gyms tend to be basic but still have the equipment you need.

Some local gyms are cheap, so it's a good idea to check prices.

Or you can check out one of these cheap chains:

  • planetafitness– It only costs around $10 per month for a basic subscription or $23 per month for additional features.
  • Fitness at any time– It only costs about $36 per month.

3. Look for cheap gym memberships at Costco

people swearDiscounts for Costco membersand businesses and how much money they save by taking advantage of these savings offers.

In the past, Costco has offered deals on gyms, such as a 24-hour workout. It seems they no longer offer this membership. But it is always worth taking a look at gym offers.

4. Get a ClassPass and save on hundreds of studios

ClassPassIt is an option to consider if you prefer fitness classes to gyms. You pay a monthly fee and have access to a network of studies without having to pay for expensive individual courses.


The cost of a ClassPass varies depending on where you live. However, there is a free trial available, which again varies in length depending on where you live.

5. Compare prices online

When trying to decide on a gym, do your research online and compare prices. You can compile a list of gyms in your area along with the membership price.

You should also use the Internet to search for deals and discounts.

You can find good discounts onSites like Groupon. And on a gym's website, you can find member discounts or deals for classes.

Therefore, it is always worth looking for deals online.

6. Negotiate the subscription price

Talk to a manager instead of a salesperson and try to negotiate a deal. Managers are more likely to be able to negotiate a better price for a membership for you.

Or you can apply for some free bonuses like B. a free monthly subscription or non-payment of admission fee. Negotiating doesn't always work, but it's always worth asking.

7. Join a group

Some places will lower their monthly rates for large groups. In fact, many gyms offer family or home discounts. For example, you and your spouse or roommate can get a discount if you apply together.

You could even get a group of friends together and ask the gym manager if they'd be up for a group deal.

8. Check if your insurance benefits can give you a discount

Some insurers offer customers discounts on gym memberships.

For example with someaetna plans, receive discounts on YMCA memberships and 24-hour fitness clubs.

Appropriateunited healthMembers can receive a refund of up to $200 over a six-month period.

So it's definitely worth checking with your insurance company to see if you can get gym membership benefits under your plan.

9. Read the contract

One of the biggest gym costs can be the cancellation fee. As we said earlier, it is better to try a gym before signing a contract. But you may need to cancel your gym membership for some reason in the future.

That's why you should read the contract so you don't have to pay high cancellation fees or penalties for a subscription you no longer use.

For example, a club may ask you to cancel your contract two months in advance.

So always take the time to read the fine print and keep a copy of every contract you sign.

10. Be aware of gym membership fee changes

After joining a gym, you still need to keep track of how much the gym charges new members. Your club may reduce the cost of a membership to attract new customers, but it does not offer this rate to existing members. So if you find this to be the case at your gym, ask the manager if they offer the lower rate as well.

11. Show your student ID

If you are a student you can get a discount in the gym. Just take your student ID with you. you are more proneFind student discountsif you live somewhere with a great university, but even if you don't, it's worth checking out.

12. Save in the cities with the AHFA PassBook

oLaptopis a program sponsored by the American Health and Fitness Alliance. It gives people free passes to health clubs, studios, and spas.

You can only get these passbooks if you live in the following areas:

  • NY
  • chicago
  • houston
  • The Angel

Receive free passes to gyms, as well as yoga, Pilates and weight training classes. It's an amazing program.

13. Consider community recreation centers

A very good option, especially for families, are the community recreation centers. There you will not only find the usual fitness equipment, such as free weights and training courses, but also additional offers, such as children's programs, water slides and swimming pools.

You can only pay for each visit, which keeps costs down. Or you can pay a subscription for a year. It's usually much cheaper than your regular gym membership.

For more information, please contact your local leisure centre.

14. Ask your employer

Some employers pay for part or all of your gym membership through workplace wellness programs.

Here are some examples of gyms that offer cheaper corporate memberships:

If your employer doesn't have a corporate wellness option, ask Human Resources about setting up a corporate membership at a nearby gym so employees can get a discounted membership.

15. Join a gym in advance

If you hit the gym at the right time, you can often get a better deal. For example, if you go to the gym towards the end of the month, the seller is more likely to offer an offer on the monthly fee.

If you go to the gym in the summer, you will also get a better price. This is because the weather is warmer in the summer, so many people want it.A practiceout instead. Fitness studios do not charge admission fees in the summer months. So consider signing up for a better deal.

16. Skip the gym altogether.

Maybe you just want to skip the gym altogether. Because who says you have to go to the gym to get a good workout? I am a big advocate of exercising at home. You have more privacy, you don't have to wait for the devices to be used and the best thing is that it's completely free!

You can easily find workouts online or even on your phone.

There are various apps on Google Play and App Store, e.g.home trainingThey offer free training. YouTube is another great place to find workouts like yoga and strength training.

17. Earn money by being healthy

Did you know that training andBeing healthy can actually make you money?


There are apps that can do that.pay on foot, lose weight and much more!

Here are some apps that pay you to get healthy:

Have fun training!

There are so many ways to get a cheap gym membership, so give it a try.

And tell us how you save money at the gym in the comments section.

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