18 Plants That Grow in Wet Soil and How to Solve Wet Soil Problems (2023)

Plants are spoiled animals, aren't they?

Too little moisture and they wither and die. Too much and they die too.

Finding the right balance can be a challenge, especially when the floor is always wet. Moisture consistency is something you as a gardener need to pay special attention to.

There are many opportunitiesimprove drainageto allow moist soil to dry out more efficiently. I will talk about these methods a little later in this article. If you're forced to work with the conditions you already have, there are several plants you can grow that really like to get a little soggy.

Here are some of the best plants for growing in moist soil and tips on improving their drainage for long-term success.

What is "wet soil"?

Balanced soil is one of the best resources you can offer your growing plants. When water, air and organic matter are perfectly balanced, your plants will grow healthy and vigorous.

Although the soil should be moist, you will have a hard time growing plants in overly moist soil. A balanced soil is soil that contains approximately 25% air and 25% water. Wet soil, on the other hand, remains excessively wet or muddy some time since the last storm.

Moist soil is any soil with poor drainage. It could be due to the type of soil: clayey soils tend to drain poorly, while sandy soils drain exceptionally quickly. It can also be related to the layout of the site.

Plants grown in moist soil tend to face problems like root rot, which is a fungal pathogen that prefers moist conditions. Wet soils also typically lack beneficial microorganisms that help keep plants healthy.

While there are easy ways to fix wet soil, most of these techniques require several gardening seasons (or at least a few weeks) to be truly effective. In some cases, e.g. B. if you are growing in a naturally swampy or swampy area, they may not work.

In any case, planting a species that likes it a bit wetter can help you make the most of overly wet soil.

Vegetables that grow happily in moist soil

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1. Karottenbrust

Most root vegetables don't do well in wet soil, but the skirret carrot is an exception. It is not a common vegetable in the United States but is widely grown in Japan and China. This vegetable thrives in moist to moist soil in some shady locations. You can cook this vegetable in the same way as ordinary carrots - it can be baked, boiled or boiled.

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2. Asparagus

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Asparagus is a common garden plant that tolerates temporarily moist soil. You definitely don't want to keep them fully submerged, but you can plant this perennial in slightly moist soil.

In fact, you can often find wild asparagus growing in ditches.

3. Taro

Taro is a tropical plant grown for its edible rootsZones 7 through 10. You can eat the leaves like spinach or the roots, but you will cook both before eating.

4. Rhabarber

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Rhubarb is a versatile vegetable best known for its edible stems. There are several benefits of growing rhubarb in a humid garden. Not only does it not mind getting a bit soggy, but it makes a wonderful mulch that can improve soil drainage over time.

5. Spinach dish

Tanier spinach is a leafy green that is truly an evergreen. It doesn't mind being grown in the shade and can also be eaten raw.

Herbs that love moist soil

6. ask

Most herbs prefer slightly dry soil, but mint does not.Mint grows insatiablyand it keeps running until it hits a rock. This plant is considered invasive in most areas, so care must be taken not to plant it too close to other species.

However, one of the benefits of growing mint in a humid garden is that it helps structure a drier area. It can help reduce erosion and, over time, improve the drainage capacity of overly wet soil.

fruits of wet soil

7. Periras

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Pears are very water-intensive fruits, so it should come as no surprise that pear trees also do very well when grown in wetter soil. It can be helpful to cover the base of the tree, at least while it is putting down its roots. This will help improve drainage and allow the tree to start on the right foot, or should I say root.

8. Aronia berries

Aronia berries are not widespread, but have recently become soNicknames Superfoodsas they contain high amounts of antioxidants. They are acidic, they are best used in smoothies or canned foods.

These berries like to grow inonly acidalso, and are hardy in zones 3 through 8.

9. Highbush and lowbush blueberries

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Both highbush and lowbush blueberries can be grown in moist soil; In fact, they are often grown in bogs. If you are new to growing blueberries, you may be a little surprised by tall bush blueberries as they have a more astringent flavor than the blueberries you buy from the supermarket.

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Lowbush cranberries are more typical and are usually grown on commercial (man-made) bogs.

10. Fuchstrauben

Native to eastern North America, foxgrape grows well here. Popular Fuchs grape varieties are the Concord grape.

If you grow fox grapes in your garden, you won't have much of a problem with soil that tends to get a little wet. However, you should grow these grapes in an arbor for the best results.

11. Red Raspberries

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Red raspberries are often grown in swampy areas and don't mind moist soil. For best results, grow American red raspberry, a native North American variety that prefers moist soil more than other varieties.

Red raspberry canes are always producing, so you can harvest in mid-summer and a little later in the fall.

12. Strawberries

Strawberries also do well in occasional moist soil. While they're not as forgiving as other plants (you should be growing strawberries in soil that will eventually drain within 24 hours or so), they'll help you get by in the meantime.

Ornamental plants for moist soil conditions

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There are even various ornamental plants that grow well in humid areas. These plants can be under water for a long time, so they grow well in bogs or bogs:

  1. Alter invernal
  2. sauce
  3. leopard plant
  4. swamp marigolds
  5. Joe Pye weed
  6. cardinal flower (although this one will need to dry in a few days)

If you are trying to grow a garden that is both functional and beautiful, consider some of these options. They are low-maintenance plants that don't mind some serious water issues.

How to deal with wet soil when these plants are not an option

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1. Improve drainage by leveling things

Some gardens do not drain well simply because the slope of the land is undesirable. If this is the case, you can use a York rake or similar device to improve the incline. You can build one toogarden with terrace(who uses steps) to keep all the water from settling at the bottom of a hill.

Improving the quality of your lawn can often solve many drainage-related problems you may have.

SeLeveling your patiois not an option, you may want to create someraised beds. French drains can also help. All of these options will help you gain better control on the ground, allowing you to work with your conditions rather than against them.

2. Add organic matter

If soil structure, rather than slope, is causing drainage problems, adding organic matter can help.

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In fact, this is one of the best tips for improving soil quality in general. It doesn't matter if your soil is too wet or too dry: adding organic matter can solve any problem.

However, it will take time for anything to change. You should start by adding small amounts of compost each season; ideally once in the spring before planting and once in the fall. You can plant one toohedge culturewhich over time will build the structure on your floor.

Adding organic matter also attracts beneficial microorganisms, which can also solve many of the problems caused by poor drainage.

There is more hereTips for improving clay soil.

3. USA and Broadfork

Using a wide fork can help improve ventilation in small areas. If you're trying to fix poorly draining soil in a raised bed, this is your best bet. With just a few hours of work, you can get quick and lasting results. For more tips seehow to use a forkHere.

4. Cut down trees and remove vegetation

Sometimes certain areas don't drain well simply because they don't get enough sunlight to dry things during the day. If you find water collecting in certain areas after a severe storm, consider whether cutting down some trees or removing excess vegetation might help.

This is a super simple problem that will cost you very little time and money to solve.

Solve problems with wet floors or use them productively

18 Plants That Grow in Wet Soil and How to Solve Wet Soil Problems (9)

Wet soil can be a challenge for any gardener, but don't despair. You don't have to sell your land yet! There are several ways to deal with moist soil, and in the meantime you might consider growing plants that don't mind growing in moist soil. And if all else fails, build a retaining wall and grow rice!

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