Dark Souls 3 BEST Strength Buildings [2023] (2023)

The Souls series offers its players many ways to deal with its difficulties. One such way is to use constructs. Dark Souls 3 is no exception. Builds can be multimodal, from cosplay versions (like ourThe intestines are built) for builds centered around a specific weapon, for builds that work around using certain stats (see ourPyromancer Buildings).


basic conclusions

  • INBarleyis the player's approach to overcoming game difficulties. It could be for a weapon or a state.strength buildsthey revolve around the Strength Stat.
  • clean energy constructionis focused on close combat. Recommended stats forAble toeEnergyit is60e30respectively. A set of heavy armor and a Fume Ultra greatsword complete his look. Dragonslayer Greataxe, Heavy Greatsword and Butcher Knife are also good options to equip your arsenal.
  • Pyromancer's Durabilityadds a touch of pyromania with power. The suggested statistics are40 Strength, 20 Intelligence,e20 Tro. Any large sword or weapon that can be inflated will work well throughout the build. To complete the construction, you need a flame form. Fireball, Fire Orb, and Carthus Flame Arc are available options.
  • Force Sorcerer Hybridit is a combination of strength and intelligence. Statistical recommendations are40 strengthe35 intelligent. Weapons and manpower are needed for the armory. A sonic sword will do great. Greater Magic Weapon, Hidden Weapon, Soul Dart, and Homing Soulmass are spell options.
  • Mage's Strength Buildingit's a great build for PvE players. Requires one40 resistance levelsasTro. Powerful weapons like Zweihander and Broadsword with Heavy Infusion will likely work well with this build. You get 3 tuning slots, one for miracle healing, one for weapon knockback and one for damage and resistance boost.

This guide will cover the best Dark Souls 3 power builds. These builds emphasize the strength stat. From melee builds to Strength Pyro hybrids, we've got you covered. We hope this guide is useful. For more Dark Souls, check outDark Souls 3 Thieves BuildingseGuia Dark Souls 3 Sellsword Twinblades.

strength building requirements

While each building in this guide has different requirements, the only constant is durability. When it comes to Pure Strength or Strength-focused builds, you should have a stamina level of at least 40 (preferably 50). We also recommend onevitalityat least level 40 and toughness level at least 25. Intelligence, loyalty and coordination may vary by build.

clean energy construction

Dark Souls 3 BEST Strength Buildings [2023] (1)

As the name suggests, pure Strength builds are melee-focused builds that usually rely on physical attacks frompowerful weapons.A pure Strength build will try to have a weapon that scales with Strength and is imbued with the heavy gem. A high strength level of 60 and a high resistance of 30 is recommended for Pure Strength weapons, which are usually heavy and consume a lot of stamina. High vitality is also recommended because you will be hit a lot.

Although no specific armor is required, we recommend choosing a set from our best heavy armor sets as they will greatly supplement your stamina. Since this build focuses on melee and tries to maximize strength damage, you can use any weapon that scales with strength. We recommend using Fume Ultragreat swordporque praticamente representa Pure Strength Builds. Havelsringand the ring of favor will also be useful.

You can get the Fume Ultra Greatsword in the Catacombs of Carthus after defeating Knight Slayer Tsorig. FUGS requires a strength level of at least 50. It has slow but extremely strong attacks. Few weapons use the Force like FUGS due to its high resistance boost. A +5 FUGS will destroy all types of non-boss encounters in seconds.

Alternatively, another good (and heavy) choice for a Pure Strength build is a Greataxe. We recommend the Dragonslayer Great Axe. Due to its high damage, high resistance scaling, impressive L2 attack, and high critical lightning damage, the Dragonslayer Greataxe is one of the best resistance weapons in Dark Souls 3 and a good choice for Pure Strength builds.

He has a powerful moveset and his R2 attack deals lightning damage. He has a unique L2 which is a powerful slash that deals electrical damage. You can get this weapon by transferring the soul of the Dragonslayer armor. This weapon requires at least 50 strength and your lightning scales with Dark Souls 3 Strengthbuild faith.

While both are great options, they are slow, very cumbersome, and have a steep learning curve. For those who want an easier learning curve and a beginner-friendly option, a good option would be the heavy sword. You can get this weapon very early in Dark Souls 3 at the High Wall of Lothric.

Since it can be infused, we recommend infusing it with Heavy Gem (seethe upgrade and injection guide) to make it a weapon of pure power. What sets it apart from other weapons is its quick movement and ease of use. While it may not be as unique as the previous two entries, it is just as useful and better in some scenarios. This sword is also a good choice for PvP focused Pure Strength builds.

Another good option for PvP power builds is the butcher knife. The Butcher's Knife is found after killing an NPC that keeps you on its way, and is one of the best powerful weapons in the game. It has super fast and strong attacks, is light, and has L2 that charges your weapons and leads to HP recovery for a few seconds. The Butcher's Knife's versatility makes it one of the greatest PvP power options in the game.

Strength Pyromancer Hybrid

Dark Souls 3 BEST Strength Buildings [2023] (2)

This build is a build that emphasizes strength and melee weapons with some pyromancy to keep you on track. For this build we recommend a Strength level of at least 40, Intelligence and Loyalty 20 each. All other levels can go into Vitality, Endurance, and Adaptation in any order you wish.

For this build you need a flame and a melee weapon. Although no specific set is required, you should use a cloak/armor mix as it will aesthetically complement the build. For your gun, we recommend an inflatable gun.

While you can use any Force weapon, we recommend the Greatsword (or any other weapon that can be inflated). For your spells we recommend Fireball and Fire Orb or Carthus Flame Arc depending on your intelligence and faith.

Greatsword is a good choice for this Dark Souls 3 Strength build because it acts as a high strength weapon, scales well to stats, and provides maximum benefits. You can get it from the Fallen Bridge in Farron Keep. Fireball will be useful for normal encounters, useful for creating distance and eliminating small ads.

Fire Orb, due to higher damage, will be useful for killing certain enemies and attacking multiple enemies at once. Carthus Flame Arc, since you have a fairly high faith/intelligence level, will greatly reduce your weapon damage by adding fire damage. Greatsword combined with Carthus Flame Arc will do a lot of damage.

For a PvP Strength Pyromancer focused build, we recommend lowering your Strength to 30 and increasing your Intelligence and Faith. For your primary weapon, while you can use any weapon you are comfortable with, we recommend the wide angle. For your weapon, we recommend a Heavylong sword.

You can get this sword by choosing the Knight class or picking it up from the soldiers holding it on Lothric's High Wall. For your spells, we recommend Chaos Bed Remnants and Carthus Flame Arc. The remnants of Chaos Bed will do a lot of damage and keep your opponents guessing about your next move. Carthus' flaming bow will deal fire damage to your weapon, which can be very useful during PvP encounters.

Force Sorcerer Hybrid

Dark Souls 3 BEST Strength Buildings [2023] (3)

Although not a common sight in the game, the Strength Sorcerer's builds are definitely strong and can be very useful in the game. For this Dark Souls 3 Strength build, we recommend a Strength level of 40 and an Intelligence level of at least 35. We also recommend a high level of coordination. You must hold a sword in your right hand and a staff in your left hand.

While no weapon is particularly necessary, some good choices are the Holy Moon Greatsword or an inflatable sword such as the Greatsword or Claysword. For spells, we recommend using spells that offer more help than spells that deal damage. Our recommendations are Magic Weapon (or Greater Magic Weapon), Hidden Weapon, Soul Dart and/or Homing Soulmass.

This combination of spells, combined with a Strength weapon, will be good as Dark Souls 3 Strength Build PvE and PVP. Soul Dart and Homing Soulmass will serve to clear ads and create distraction and distance during PvP encounters. The magic weapon, combined with his high intelligence level, will overpower the melee weapon and do a lot of damage to it.

The hidden weapon can be extremely emotional in PvP encounters. Using a hidden weapon along with Homing Soulmass and Soul Dart can create the illusion of a pure Int build, giving you opportunities to escape the enemy. Although no armor is needed for this build as the light cloak along with a hood will really match a build of this type.

Trends:Best Elden Ring Builds

Any number of Strength Sorcerer builds can be created using this pattern. From purely sneaky builds to builds that emphasize spells as the main attack method. While decent in both PvE and PvP, builds like this are better suited for PvE. For PvE, Pure Strength or Pure Intelligence builds will perform better.

Mage's Strength Building

Dark Souls 3 BEST Strength Buildings [2023] (4)

Again, while not common, Strength Magic builds are possible and can be very effective. However, we recommend that you only stick to PvE for Strength Mage builds unless you just want to piss off an attacker by repeatedly healing. For this build we recommend a strength level of at least 40 and a faith level of at least 40 as well. Tuning should also be emphasized depending on how many spells you want to use. We recommend having at least 3 seats. You need a melee weapon and a buff for this Dark Souls 3 Strength build.

For weapons, while any Strength weapon will work, we recommend using something basic like a Zweihander or Greatsword. These weapons better have Heavy Infusion. These weapons will maximize your strength stat due to their high stamina boost. Most of your combat will be focused on melee, these weapons excel at that.

Their simple but effective moveset, high damage and relatively low stamina consumption make them excellent choices for this build. For your miracles, we recommend making a healing miracle 1 adjustment. Something like Heal aid if you play solo and Heal if you play co-op. For your second spell, choose something that fills your weapon.

Blessed Weapon, Lightning Blade, Black Blade, etc. are good choices. For the third and final spell, we recommend using a spell that increases damage and resistance, such as Deep Protection. If you have 4 voting slots, you can also choose a prodigy for battle like Lightning Spear and Lightning Arrow. These wonders are especially useful during PvP encounters, helping to create distractions and mind games.

This is just our recommended build, you can perform any combination of wonders when you choose a Strength Magic build. Trial and error will always lead to the most effective combination for you.

Some 2 wonder attunement slots like Wrath of the Gods and Sacred Oath for example can be extremely effective in a build like this. Overall, Strength Magic builds are a really fun way to play Dark Souls 3 and can be extremely powerful if done right. Like all builds in this guide, no specific armor is required, but your best bet would be to use something that looks good.

See alsoDark Souls 3 Best Faith Weapons.

Questions about resistance structures

Are all these powerups possible in Dark Souls 3?

No, these are just a few of the many possible power boosts in Dark Souls 3. In a game on Dark Souls 3's scale, the possibilities are endless. You can experiment with many of your own builds with a fairly high durability.

What is the best power up in Dark Souls 3?

No, these are just a few of the many possible power boosts in Dark Souls 3. In a game on Dark Souls 3's scale, the possibilities are endless. You can experiment with many of your own builds with a fairly high durability.

What is the best durability weapon for high durability builds?

There is no specific answer to this. The builds we've covered are some of the more popular Strength builds in Dark Souls 3. However, the question of which is best comes down to personal preference. No building is objectively superior to the other. My favorite strength build though is Pure Strength.


How much strength is enough in ds3? ›

Recommended stats for Strength and Endurance are 60 and 30 respectively. A Heavy Armor Set and Fume Ultra Greatsword complete your look. Dragonslayer Greataxe, Heavy Broadsword, and Butcher's Knife are also good options to equip your arsenal. Strength Pyromancer Build adds a touch of pyromancy with strength.

What is the best upgrade path for strength build in Dark Souls? ›

For the most part, players new to Dark Souls should go down the regular upgrade path for their Strength weapons. It's the only upgrade path to reach a +15 modifier and makes the most of the player's Strength stat to maximize damage with the appropriate weapons.

What is the hardest hitting strength weapon in Dark Souls 3? ›

Dark Souls 3: 10 Best Strength Weapons, Ranked
  • 8 Yhorm's Great Machete.
  • 7 Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords.
  • 6 Greatsword.
  • 5 Fume Ultra Greatsword.
  • 4 Exile Greatsword.
  • 3 Ledo's Great Hammer.
  • 2 Splitleaf Greatsword.
  • 1 Great Club.
Aug 26, 2023

What is the best strength build class in Dark Souls? ›

For strength types, the bandit and Warrior are the best opening classes and there's very little to chose between them. The Bandit has the highest strength and endurance so can wield more powerful weapons right off the bat, and also comes equipped with an axe that deals considerable damage early in the game.

How many times can you draw out true strength ds3? ›

He is also able to "Draw out true strength" which levels you one whole level, with no soul cost, but with a penalty of a Dark Sigil. Now, you are only able to do this five times, until he'll die and be replaced with Yuria.

What is the best class for strength in Dark Souls 3? ›

Warriors start with the highest strength stat out of any class. Thanks to their low attunement and caster-related stats, Warriors are the best choice for melee-focused builds.

Is strength or dex more fun ds3? ›

It's all up to you which is more fun. They both have their pros and cons, and there are some light, fast weapons and heavy, slow weapons in each category. Though dexterity has more of the former and strangth has more of the latter. Katanas are pretty easy going for PvE, you'll need Dex for those.

Should I level strength or Dex Dark Souls? ›

The easy guide is: Strength if you're into blocking, Agi if you're into rolling. However sticking to a mix build and longsword (or a stronger but slower sword if you want) is also completely viable. You gotta remember that just because a weapon has higher damage it doesn't necessarily mean you'll do better with it.

What is the recommended vigor for strength build? ›

We recommend Endurance and Vigor of at least 50 each alongside a strength level of above 40. Dual Wield Strength Build in Elden Ring requires strength and endurance, preferably Guts' greatsword.

Should I level strength past 40 ds3? ›

The damage gain is terrible from 40 to 50 str. You will be much stronger if you stop at 40 str and raise endurance to 40. Most people don't realize from 35-40 endurance they give you 3 stamina per level instead of the usual 2.

How much should I level vitality? ›

Practically speaking, a player should try to have between 40 and 50 Vitality to squeeze as much health value from the stat as possible. Along with Endurance, this is tied as the most important stat to level up.

What stats do you need for a pure strength build? ›

Pure strength builds in Elden Ring are popular and devastating, requiring a strength scaling of at least 30 with vigor and endurance of at least 25-30. Faith Strength builds in Elden Ring are popular and powerful due to their ability to deal high damage from afar while having a unique weapon.

What is the best armor for a pure strength build? ›

The best armor for a strength build is Blaidd's armor set. By completing Blaidd's questline in Elden Ring, this can be earned from the first encounter in Mistwood Ruins to the final one near Ranni's Chamber. After defeating him, he will drop his massive greatsword and armor set.

What is the best strength build weapons in Dark Souls 3? ›

No.WeaponsPhysical Damage
1Great Club135
2Cathedral Knight Greatsword140
3Ledo's Greathammer170
4Butcher's Knife112
5 more rows


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