Dark Souls: Best (and worst) boss in the original game (2023)

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Dark Souls is known for many things, but compelling boss fights top the list. However, not all bosses are gems.

Dark Souls: Best (and worst) boss in the original game (1)

Since its initial release, people have praised Dark Souls.And with good reason.There are many reasons to love the game, from its beautifully designed world to its exciting gameplay. Its most distinctive feature is probably its challenge. It takes effort and time to adapt to the difficulty of Dark Souls,but that makes the reward for success all the more satisfying.

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Perhaps the biggest challenges in Dark Soulsthey are inside the bosses.These bosses are the many obstacles that players will have to face throughout the game and will definitely be the factors that make many abandon the game. Most of these bosses are imposing characters that feel like the final boss of every other game rather than just an early or mid-level opponent. With many personalities deeply involved in the game's story,they also cement their place in the world.However, out of the 26 bosses encountered in the original game, not all of them will win. So here are the best and worst Dark Souls bosses.

Better: Asylum Demon

So here's the thing: Asylum Demon is a straightforward boss for anyone familiar with the Dark Souls games. But for green players who have just started the game with little or no understanding of what they're up against, it's a great first boss.

The Asylum Demon is a boss to learn, but it will continue to mercilessly fly around and defeat any player new to the Dark Souls formula. At this point in the game, players are fighting weak undead, and going from that to a giant demon wielding a hammer is definitely a steep curve. Obviously, the Asylum Demon is a hoot if you understand the mechanics and know some of the tricks to defeating him, but he's still a good boss to set the tone for the game for the uninitiated.

Worst: Firesage Demon

Dark Souls: Best (and worst) boss in the original game (3)

For many reasons, Firesage Demon isn't that great. First, it's a remake of Asylum Demon and Stray Demon, so it lacks originality. Second, it's incredibly easy to beat. By this point in the game, most players will know how to dance around a boss like this and take it out quickly.

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Third, it's not that memorable, especially considering how the player can skip the boss if they're a level 2 Chaos Servant. The only consolation this boss really has is that it's not a frustrating experience.

Better: White, Lord Of Cinder

Dark Souls: Best (and worst) boss in the original game (4)

As the game's final boss, Gwyn may have been underwhelming for some, but it's still a great fight. He is fast, powerful, and can unleash a fury of hard-to-dodge or block punches. He is also an unpredictable fighter, making his moves difficult to learn. In many ways, Gwynn mirrors the player who would potentially be his successor. Both are beings that have amassed immense power and Gwyn's old and tired appearance.implies a grim fate for the player.

While the fight has a dark undertone that many didn't find appealing for a final boss, it feels fitting for the game. Sad but beautiful piano music plays in the background, giving the match an incredible atmosphere.

Værst: Guardian of the Sanctuary

Dark Souls: Best (and worst) boss in the original game (5)

For a DLC that has some of the hardest bosses in the game, this one is pretty easy to beat and doesn't leave much of an impression. His placement in lore isn't noteworthy either, as he's basically just a gatekeeper. Its advantage is that the design of the manticore is good.

Best: Great Gray Wolf Sif

Dark Souls: Best (and worst) boss in the original game (6)

Out of all the bosses found in Dark Souls, Sif is definitely one of the coolest. There is something about a massive wolf carrying an equally massive sword in its mouth that is just so awesome. This will always be one of the bosses Dark Souls fans think of when they think of great boss designs.

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Fighting Sif is also fun for a while. Sif's area of ​​attack can be devastatingly difficult to control, and her sword can easily hit the player. The only major downside to this boss is that when he's almost dead, Siff will start limping.It's such a good time, especially when there is no way to continue the game without killing him.

The worst: continuous evacuation

Dark Souls: Best (and worst) boss in the original game (7)

The incessant discharge is more of a fun boss than a difficult one. While he certainly looks impressive, the boss can be easily defeated under the right circumstances. If players pick up the loot near him before fighting him, this will start the boss fight. When you escape to the fog gate, Continuous Evacuation will jump on the character and land him on the edge of a cliff. If the player attacks the hand, continuous discharge will drop and be instantly killed. It's not the hardest or most notable boss fight, but it's kind of fun.

Better: Manus, Father of the Abyss

Dark Souls: Best (and worst) boss in the original game (8)

Manus is the final boss of the DLC and makes for one of the best battles in the game. He is a tough fighter who is relentless in his attacks. Although it looks like a demon, it fights more like a wild monkey as it leaps around the arena and destroys the player's health. He can also unleash a rain of dark magic that can be difficult to resist (unless the player has the Silver Medallion).

Besides, the mysterious story of Manus as a primordial man consumed by darkness is a long story. His rage and brutality give him a personality rarely seen in non-humanoid bosses. Summoning a young Sif to help defeat Manus is also a lot of fun.

Worst: Pinwheel

Dark Souls: Best (and worst) boss in the original game (9)

Pinwheel's design is cool and unique, but everything else is bland. He is objectively one of the easiest bosses in the game, but unlike other easy bosses, his position as a late-game boss is intriguing. He can be killed extremely quickly just by wailing on him right away.

Best: Artorias, The Abyss Walker

Dark Souls: Best (and worst) boss in the original game (10)

Artorias is a legendary figure in Dark Souls lore. He is one of the four knights of Gwyn and the commander of Gwyn's host. He eventually succumbed to Abyss's influence and lost much of his humanity.

In the DLC, the player is able to fight a damaged version of Artorias. His unpredictability, strength and speed make him easily the most challenging boss in the game. Players can see their attacks, but they won't be able to survive them without taking damage.

Værst: The Bed of Chaos

Dark Souls: Best (and worst) boss in the original game (11)

This boss had so much potential but it was all wasted. The problem with The Bed Of Chaos is that, unlike the other bosses, it plays more like a puzzle than an actual combat effort. To defeat this tree-like enemy, the player must destroy the two orbs on either side of The Bed Of Chaos. The player then steps on the center of the root and destroys the bug inside the root. There really isn't much more to it than that. It's not really hard, with the only exception being how easy it is to fall into the instant death pit, which basically depends on luck.

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