Hard Rock + Metal Album Release Schedule 2021 (2023)

With so many new metal and hard rock albums being released every week, it can be hard to keep up. We make it easy for you by tracking all 2021 releases in one convenient place.

Please check back often or bookmark this page as this list will be updated regularly. Dates are provided by the record companies and are subject to change.

Upcoming Hard Rock + Metal Releases for 2021:

December 31, 2021
tail of fire -remember death(Napalm)
Little mother -lower the flags(We owe him death)
Stomach -ama(Overcome the darkness)

Albums released so far in 2021

8 January 2021
high mastery -Mother's Day(rat suit)
frozen soul -Eiskrypta(Half a century)
hearts and grenadesbecome ashes(Darkness)
double bottle -black tattoo dance(SPV/Wet Hammer)
Group Michael Schenker -Immortal(Nuclear explotion)

15 January 2021
bloody hammers -unspeakable horror songs(Napalm)
Dale Crover -Rat-A-Tat-Tat!(happy sound)
comet -united forces(Napalm)
Terrible sovereign -alchemical warfare(Metal Sheet)
edenbridge-The Chronicles of Eden Part 2(SPV/Wet Hammer)
Embrace of thorns -revelation of all sinsCD/DVD (Saturno)
emma rut rundle & tu -the helmet of painEP (Holy Bones)
Frank Iero and the violent future -Heaven is a place, this is a place(UNFD)
Shaver -armed and dangerousrestart (alternative)
Shaver -¡Viva!restart (alternative)
tripe-guardianRelaunch (Season Of Mist)
starry -Fette hits(Curling)
voodoo circle -insured and charged(AFM)

22 January 2021
suffocation -necroceros(Half a century)
Lightning Launcher -Honor Worth PrideVinyl Neuauflage (metal sheet)
Lightning Launcher -mercenaryVinyl Neuauflage (metal sheet)
Lightning Launcher -Those who were once faithfulVinyl Neuauflage (metal sheet)
believe -II(boundaries)
Damon Johnson and the Get Ready -combat lessons(double Dragon)
dead daisies -only holy(SPV/Wet Hammer)
ectomorfo -reborn(Napalm)
Jason Bieler and the Baron von Bielski Orchestra -Songs for the Apocalypse(boundaries)
kicking valentina -gust of rocks(Powerful)
labyrinth -Welcome to the Absurd Circus(boundaries)
Nervosa -eternal chaos(Napalm)
Elite-Fantasma -Titan(boundaries)
Therión -Leviathan(Nuclear explotion)
Wardruna -White Raven(Nordic)
NASS. -redistribution(boundaries)
doublet wignever say die(boundaries)
Theorem Null -murder IIEP (own)

29 January 2021
Accept -too bad to die(Nuclear explotion)
The body -I've seen all I need to see(Exciting jockey)
demon head -viscera(Metal Sheet)
eternity -the entvolkerEP (Death of Music)
gray daze -Change...NakedEP (Vacation View)
NEWS -Immortal(Nuclear explotion)
twilight -Athenian Echoes/Aeon AuraRelaunch (Season Of Mist)
twilight -cruel sunsetRelaunch (Season Of Mist)
twilight -parade in centuriesRelaunch (Season Of Mist)
racket -break the world(Realm of Shadows)
revenue -the truth in between(Metalville)
sergeant -let the devil inrelaunch (die)
say -Imperial(silver lining)
steve wilson-the future bites(Arts and crafts)
judgment -moon sisters(Metal Sheet)
tribulation -where the flower becomes sound(Metal Sheet)
Wolfman -what time to be alive(Prosthesis)
wilson-Thanks good night. live(Novela Goot)

February 5, 2021
Stateless Angelus -Angelus Apatrida(Half a century)
Saying goodbye -the raging riverEP (Red Brook)
foo fighter -medicine at midnight(Cinch)
ravenclaw -Rauh(Nuclear explotion)
repulsion -asco(Overcome the darkness)
Beverast Ruins -Thule's grimoires(Delivery trucks)
sarin -you can't go back(Prosthesis)
Todd La Tower -rejoice in suffering(rat suit)
transatlantic -The Absolute Universe(From the inside out)

February 12, 2021
abiotic -Ikigai(To Craft Gloria)
arc of lifearc of life(boundaries)
glass viper -the cult(audible)
dio-Evil or Divine: lives in New York CityRelaunch (Niji/BMG)
dio-holy diver liveRelaunch (Niji/BMG)
durbin-the beast awakens(boundaries)
Learn -See(Season of Fog)
Everdawn -cleopatra(sensorial)
God is an astronautGhost Tapes #10(Napalm)
Immortal Guardian -psychosomatic(Theory M)
13. Joel Hoekstra-race's games(boundaries)
love and death -perfectly preserved(blind tiger)
twilight -Future Diva/ElectronegativeRelaunch (Season Of Mist)
twilight -lesbian showRelaunch (Season Of Mist)
The irresponsible -Death by Rock and Roll(Brave)
River bank -out of me(From the inside out)
holy empire -the american styleRecast (Sheet Metal)
holy empire -ignoranceRecast (Sheet Metal)
holy empire -surf in nicaraguaRecast (Sheet Metal)
Simulacrum -Genesis(boundaries)
Meerjungfrau -Mysteries, ruins and revelations(Napalm)

February 19, 2021
beautiful mint -developer(We owe him death)
austin meade-Black sheep(snake farm)
The assembly -couplesRepublication (transcendent)
The assembly -night birdRepublication (transcendent)
Harakiri al cielo -Incredible(POA)
Lake of Tears -threatening(AFM)
nothing, nowheretrauma factory(fueled by ramen)
Movie-time burner(Metalville)
Ricky Warwick -When life was hard and fast(Nuclear explotion)
hour of suffering -The cyclical calculus(deep understanding)
temperance -Melodies of green and blue.PE (Napalm)
Winter -dark october(HPGD)

February 26, 2021
alicia cooper -Detroit Stories(music by ear)
Anneke van Giersbergen-The darkest skies are the clearest(From the inside out)
Architects -For those who want to survive(Epitaph)
bonfire -root(AFM)
revered -Us(Season of Fog)
Einherjer -northern dragonsRestart (napalm)
Einherjer -north stern(Napalm)
empirical -above the stars(Prophecy)
Epic -Omega(Nuclear explotion)
Inmergrau -escape from the phoenix(AFM)
iTunes -Access all worlds(Metal Sheet)
carbur wood -Contra(Metalville)
The creator -under the guillotineBox set (alarm)
Melvins 1983 -working with god(Ipeca)
Mephistopheles -a black roadEP (helter skelter/recovery)
moon magic -hermitage(Napalm)
Mi vida con Thrill Kill Kult -despicable action(SleazeBox)
NOFX -single album(Fat wreck of the Chords)
Of mice and menEternalEP (Sustained tone)
dark ruin -Amid the voices that echo in the stone(willow lace)
Summoning of O Lich -does not unite chaos(Prosthesis)
Supreme happiness -gross error(relapse)
Tumor -nordic crimea(Charisma)

March 5, 2021
bitter mammoth -caravan(Heavy Psychic Children)
Baest -Necro sapiens(Half a century)
black saturday -The heaven and the hellReissue (Rhino)
black saturday -mob rulesReissue (Rhino)
victim signsangre vital(Blueblast)
Chevrolet -NIRATIAS(Epic)
A day to remember -You are welcome(fueled by ramen)
Ghostbusters -songs of death and resurrection(solid state)
A bunch of crazy clowns -no chaos(Psychopath)
Mork-A cathedral(Friedenville)
twilight -We hunt at night(Season of Fog)
sorry spelling -abysmal journey(driving light)
Fright -trapped in a world(Auto)
throne -pilgrim(audible)
fade -curse of autumn(Half a century)
Wolfsherz -skull troopersPE (Napalm)
wolf king -the path of wrath(Prosthesis)

March 12, 2021
bitter mammoth -bitter mammothRelaunch (heavy psych sounds)
bitter mammoth -under the layer of acidRelaunch (heavy psych sounds)
mayor -moving shape(Season of Fog)
blackmore night -natural light(music by ear)
Conan-Valle de Live in Freak(Napalm)
the crowns -destructor real(Metal Sheet)
Dead Poets Society --!-(spinning farm)
talent to kill the egoThe dance between extremesPE (BMG)
Forced -kill grid(Half a century)
Augengott -A story of nomadic behavior(Half a century)
Gizmachi -Omega Caleido(Auto)
Herzheiler -A metal opera by Magnus Karlsson(boundaries)
IVSS -queen of broken hearts(boundaries)
Rest of the Mariana Islands -morgan girl(Napalm)
Orden Ogan-Last days(AFM)
short pupils -Spiegel(Prosthesis)
Rob Zombie -Die Lunar Conspiracy Kool Aid Eclipse Injection(Nuclear explotion)
saga-symmetry(music by ear)
Donner -all the right sounds(BMG)
List -bal lada(Theory M)
Empty White -Anti(Nuclear explotion)

March 19, 2021
steel agent -No other Godz before me(Dissonance)
depths of hateHerbs(Prosthesis)
Devin Townsend-Devolution Series #1 - Acoustic Slope, en vivo en Leeds(From the inside out)
Dias -Eternen Aenka(Metal Sheet)
executor-Live by fire II(Nuclear explotion)
To hate -II(Season of Fog)
Known Sea -solar paroxysm(Eu, hanger of the void)
cake lake -Greatest Hits Vol.2 - The best years of noise(better noise)
Seelen Station by Paul Stanley -from time to time(UMe)
saxon -The inspiration(silver lining)
serge tankzhanelasticityEP (Alchemy/BMG)
troll party -happy heroesPE (Napalm)
YOU'RE DOING IT. -live in bulgariaCD/DVD (AFM)
volbeat -The Power / The Sound / The SongsVinyl reissue (pet)

March 26, 2021
How it all unfoldsThe other lives in all(long branch)
supply side -spiritual violence(Motörhead/Silver Bar)
Heavenly Sanctuary -diminished soul(Darkness Redefined / Path of the Church)
Cryptose -bionic swarm(Half a century)
Death From Above 1979 -there are 4 lovers(spinning farm)
impermanence -the bitter truth(BMG)
Tron exchange rate -dream gun(relapse)
Green leaf -echoes of a mass(Napalm)
hunting dog -I know my enemies(Metalville)
carbur wood -Contra(Metalville)
Lamb of God -Lamb of GodDeluxe Edition (Epic)
laser beam -laser beam(dorado robot)
Manila Street -espiralschlossRelaunch (High Roller)
Storage -Until the end(Sensemann)
Spring -exit from earth(Metalville)
Sanguisugabogg -all tortured(Half a century)
Schmied/Kotze -Schmied/Kotze(BMG)
Tomahawk -tonic immobility(Ipeca)

2. April 2021
Aphrodite -orgasmic glory(Fighter)
cactus -bambusseil(Cleopatra)
Everson Poe -Weigh(trepnation)
wildfire -cabbage obsidian(deep understanding)
mainly -dressed in black(Slaughter)
Mythical Sunship -Feuer(vaca)
bearer of the plaguedeath of the pact(Riot)
Stahllager -kill in hell(Gassed)
Many artists -Loud Women Volume 3(noisy women)
Wode -burn in many mirrors($20 eraser)

April 9, 2021
áraberotnorwegian gothic(pelagic)
The devil sold his soulLoss(Nuclear explotion)
The machine of the endLevel 2(boundaries)
VHF-live hard(boundaries)
Hordal -Seetrinker(Prosthesis)
Johan Kilberg Impera -alchemy spirit(Metalville)
A fronteer -caveman logic(For this)
The lion's daughterskin presentation(Season of Fog)
motorjesus -hell destroyer(AFM)
Above Sylvan -spirit world(From the inside out)
Fog -Long Live the Mojave Desert Vol. 2(Heavy Psychic Children)
necrophagy -ready for deathRestart (Xtreem)
sweet oblivion -implacable(boundaries)
The treatment -hope good luck(boundaries)
Rad -preserved in time(South Cross)

April 16, 2021
August burns red -tutor sessionsEP (Without Fear)
dry -curse your kingdom(Half a century)
Black Orchid Kingdom -live in studioEP (langer Ast)
cannibal corpse -unimaginable violence(Metal Sheet)
seeker -mounting housing(Metal Sheet)
escape from destinychemical warfare(better noise)
Should Greta Van -The Battle of the Garden Gate(Lava/Republic)
symbol of sinsin icon(boundaries)
Fluid stress experiment -LTE3(From the inside out)
Marty Friedman-tokyo turntable 3(Players Club/Mascot)
Kinder -Let the bad times roll(unit)
spectral wound -a devilish thirst(deep understanding)
tokyo sheet-sword nightRelaunch (High Roller)
To the old caravanMONUMENTS(Napalm)
while she sleeps-society sleeps(spinning farm)

April 23, 2021
Altaragem -Succumb(Season of Fog)
big | Brave -vital(lord of the south)
Bodom after midnight -paint the sky with bloodPE (Napalm)
empty body -Bury me under this rotten earth(Prosthesis)
Bongzilla -grass(Heavy Psychic Children)
Capra -in transmission(Metal Sheet)
dirty honey -dirty honey(Auto)
Gilby Clarke -the truth of the gospel(dorado robot)
Caleo -surface noise(Elektra)
Morse, Portnoy, George -layer by layerReiniciar (InsideOut)
Morse, Portnoy, George -layer 2 layerReiniciar (InsideOut)
Motorhead -Louder than noise... lives in Berlin(silver lining)
skinned -Rock Riot RootsRelaunch (Issue)
Steve from hasta -A deep, voiceless jungle(Neurota)
Father of the Void -a great fear arises(Curling)

April 30, 2021
destruction -beastly invasion from hellRelaunch (High Roller)
James -Together(magnetic eye)
Dropkick Murphys -turn up the dial(Auto)
electric boys -Above! down(Powerful)
Mal-hell loose(Napalm)
oceans -we are not wellEP (nuclear explosion)
pain of redemption -12:5Reiniciar (InsideOut)
pain of redemption -TO BEReiniciar (InsideOut)
Poverty is not a crimeA secret to hide(Metalville)
True Blood -Typhoon(Warning)
Temtris -war ritual(Wurmlochtod)
Tetrarca -Unstable(Napalm)
Twiztid -unlikely recipe(Magia-Ninja)
TRUE -wild northwest(Season of Fog)

7. mayo 2021
Trip with LSD -soul sites(Heavy Psychic Children)
Customs -melancholic rhythmEP (Eihwaz)
artillery -X(Metal Sheet)
beast wood -The long road to HoEP (robot dorado)
Candelaria -Green Valley (live)(Friedenville)
Cvlt over svn -we are the dragon(Napalm)
diamante -American dream(judge and jury)
Ereb Altor -fire locationEP (Hammerherz)
false memories -the last night of autumn(boundaries)
sting -The pretty girl(my kingdom)
fantasmairis -eat me(long branch)
Hadiz -With joy and fervor on the immeasurable path(murderous ruin)
human error -Crown on the head of a clay kingEP (Sensible Ruin)
In asymmetry -Ashes of dead worlds(Comatose)
hell -Paradeigma (Fosfénos da Eternidade Afótica)(We owe him death)
He bites -tall shipsReiniciar (InsideOut)
Of the punishment -After that(Norte)
earth lake -Pastoral(Charisma)
I cover -I coverPE (prosthesis)
kayak-celestial(From the inside out)
last torment -the next carnage(murderous ruin)
marcos spiro-traveling jeans(boundaries)
Mephitisches Grab -In the atrium of inhuman morbidity(Gassed)
Mond-Clan -Schlummerholz(Curling)
Nordjevel -fenrirPS (independent)
gray reality -under that crown(Blueblast)
A growing forcemale cat(AltoVol)
Robin McAuley-stand on the edge(boundaries)
saliva -every twenty yearsEP (Megaforce)
Save the world -AsRestart (Limits)
Seth -to the bite of Christ(foggy season/LADLO)
Thanks to ScarlettInvicta(Despot)
Sonic-Himmel -Tramp(boundaries)
stains-Live: It's been a while(Yap'em/Alchemy)
sumo cycoIntroduction(Napalm)
Todd Michael Hall -sonic healing(rat suit)
tommys rock trip -Struck by rock and roll(boundaries)
Devil-Trucker -End of the tail of a hurricane(Auto)
The revenge -Rache III(dorado robot)
called -Odyssey(The shield)
Weezer -weezer van(Crush/Atlantic)

14. mayo 2021
Bala-malice(Half a century)
The black keys -Delta-Creams(None of them)
Kaliban-the spirit of the age(Half a century)
Charlie Benantesilver coatings(megafuerza)
ritual of the crucifixion -Take your eyes out of angelic purity(undefeated)
Dordeduh -They are(Prophecy)
The embers, the ashes -fixation(Prosthesis)
Frost* -day and age(From the inside out)
George ragan the dead son -the abyss(BMG)
grab miasma -Angry Deities Abyss(dark descent)
Judas Iscariot -from the great eternityrelaunch (die)
Lunas Ruf-Archive(audible)
Holy Morbo -specter of deathRelaunch (High Roller)
war mouth -Life framed in glass(1126)
myles kennedy-the ides of march(Napalm)
Per Wiberg - <em<>All is well in the land of the living... EP (Despotz)
Rabe -All for oneRelaunch (High Roller)
sun scar -inertia(Napalm)
Seventh Crystal -Delirium(boundaries)
Underground Mask -mountain fever(sensorial)
solar pump -wicked and divine(boundaries)
throat -smile less(For this)
Many artists -Baphomet soundtrack(Cleopatra)
zombis -Liquid crystalPE (relapse)

21. mayo 2021
amorphous -Live at Eisha Helsinki(Nuclear explotion)
amorphous -The vinyl collection 2006-2020Box Set (Nuclear Blast)
An autumn for crippled children -When the morning comes, we close our eyes(Prosthesis)
ayron jones-son of the state(Great Machine/John Varvatos)
The Devil Wears Prada -tioPS (solid state)
divine heresy -bleed the fifthVinyl re-release (M-Theory)
divine heresy -plague bearerVinyl re-release (M-Theory)
hanging garden -Skelettsee(life force)
Hermann Frank -two for a lie(AFM)
hippie death cultcircle of days(Heavy Psychic Children)
Unreine Guilhermina -antidote(Season of Fog)
Los Jailbirds -selvaEP (robot dorado)
Jesus and the eldersdizziness(For this)
Witch King -love the riffsEP (audible)
bum mike -Everything's fine(Meta)
Monster-Magnet -a better dystopia(Napalm)
nadia-slight rot(lord of the south)
pop times -Versatile(eUno)
skeletal remains -beyond the meatRelaunch (Century Media)
skeletal remains -doomed to miseryRelaunch (Century Media)
skeletal remains -gloomy isolationRelaunch (Century Media)
Mother of Thunder -hello of heatDeluxe Edition (AFM)
tooth and claw -ascension dream(Good fight)
trick or treating -the unlocked songs(Scarlet fever)
twenty one pilots -scaled and iced(fueled by ramen)
Many artists -Metal Massacre XV(Metal Sheet)
bored -cultivate culture(Napalm)
money -witness(Pet)
Geier -dealing with death(Metal Sheet)
uncle-The beginning(Curling)
Yautja -the turn(relapse)

28. mayo 2021
Alestorm-Lives in Tilburg(Napalm)
alluvial -Sarcoma(Nuclear explotion)
cry of fear -Shadows game(Despot)
Blut Pack -Creatures of the Kingdom of Darkness(AFM)
brutality -The complete demo recordings from 1987 to 1991(Vik)
burn witches -the witch of the north(Nuclear explotion)
cirith grunt -middle human pastEP (metal sheet)
Eminence -dunkle echoes(Blueblast)
Horrible -mercury passages($20 eraser)
urgency -the disk with no nameXP (good)
impaled nazarene -eight headed serpent(Osmosis)
Khadra -All occupied by a single death(Season of Fog)
King of Asgard -black wind(troll music)
mental cruelty -A hill to die for(sole leader)
Messiest 16 -Whom(Indie)
stay overnight -pathetic abyss(Loss of Translation/Church Street)
Of mice and menbloomEP (Sustained tone)
disturbing -luxury sacraments(Sangre)
portal-Wow(deep understanding)
satirikon-dark middle agesRestart (napalm)
satirikon-the throne of shadowsRestart (napalm)
Silbersee de Esa Holopainen -Silbersee de Esa Holopainen(Nuclear explotion)
Sturmherrscher -under the fiery eclipse(Napalm)
Pan-Tang-Tigre -major and minor subjects(Powerful)
fathomless ruin -a decade of ruinEP (Pico de sauce)
White Moth Black Butterfly -the cost of dreaming(Kscope)

4. June 2021
atrei-baptize(spinning farm)
Chief Keloid -The family of the smiling thrush(Curling)
Cleopatra -disappointment(no special place)
without head -the first cursed(Nuclear explotion)
Catastrophe -churches without saints(Metal Sheet)
Strandgut y Strandgut -blood in the water(AFM)
fuck whatever-hell whateverEP (born loser)
Hannes Grossman -where the light retreats(Auto)
Paulo Gilberto-werewolves of portland(Pet)
red fangs -Fungus; arrows(relapse)
rhapsody of fire -i will be your heroEF (AFM)
rising against -generation of nowhere(holiday view)
Fence -indigo spirit(willow lace)
pilgrim -perennial plants(Napalm)
difficulty -salmo 9Reboot (Hammerheart)
difficulty -skullReboot (Hammerheart)
difficulty -difficultyReboot (Hammerheart)
Van Canto-high eight(Napalm)
worm herder -in the awakening of the sun(sole leader)

11. June 2021
AFI-Body(Rising up)
Natrak analThe NecrocodexRecast (Sheet Metal)
gigante -EvangelionVinyl Neuauflage (metal sheet)
black saturday -SabotageReissue (Rhino)
war ray -two fucking theatersreboot (strong)
brother against brotherbrother against brother(boundaries)
crypt -the soul resonates(Napalm)
Def Leppard -Def Leppard - Band 3Box Set (Ume/Virgin)
kingdom of thorns -your wild love be(Prophecy)
Mal-wicked messagereboot (strong)
garbage -no gods no masters(BMG)
Go ahead and diego ahead and die(Nuclear explotion)
whirlpool -Satan Tradition(Osmosis)
green jelly -Sons of the trash gang(Cleopatra)
Hammerkonig -König's hammer(Napalm)
enchantment -decimate christianityRe-release (Hells Headbangers)
enchantment -original reignRe-release (Hells Headbangers)
josias -of the raysRelaunch (heavy psych sounds)
K. Despellejar -inner voicesPE (BMG)
KISS -Out of Soundbound: Tokyo 2001(UMe)
Clones -Live(Kscope)
Mammut WVH -Mammut WVH(EX1)
Mr Bungle -The night they came homeDVD/CD (IPECA)
A desire -One night only - Live in HelsinkiDVD/CD (Limits)
land of hateno more ultras(boundaries)
Vincent Crowley-Band -next to Acheron(To hate)
witches cross -Angel of Death(big money player)
wrist knife -replica of a strange love(Prosthesis)

18. June 2021
Alustria -a monument of silence(sole leader)
angel dust -in the dark pastRelaunch (High Roller)
chef-Migration(desire of death)
cup of sincup of sin(boundaries)
crobot -mouse boyEXP (Mascot)
Corona -kings of the north(boundaries)
The Day of the Beast -undeniably carnivorous(Prosthesis)
Dead Witches/Witch Snake -Doom-Sessions vol. 666EP (Heavy Psychological Sounds)
Demon incarnate -Zaqqum Leaves(Metalville)
D.R.I. -four of a kindVinyl Neuauflage (metal sheet)
D.R.I. -Zona ThrashVinyl Neuauflage (metal sheet)
fear factory -constant aggression(Nuclear explotion)
heavy temple -love wolves(magnetic eye)
Hola-Hola(Nuclear explotion)
Kent Hilli -O Rummel(boundaries)
Laranja 9MM -pretend i'm humanRelaunch (around thirty)
gain -prince of the tribes(Scarlet fever)
social disorder -love 2 be hated(AFM)
Originating -corona shock(UMe)
Metro a Sally -Holy Night of Ice: back to LindenparkDVD/CD (napalm)
Your kingdom will burnyour empire will burn(Scarlet fever)
Avalon of Timo Tolkki -The birth of the enigma(boundaries)
Tom Morello and the bloody beets -the catastropheEP (own)
Many artists -Dark Nights: Death MetalSoundtrack (Vacation View)

25. June 2021
The lack -Yellow(Theory M)
Amen-the spine(relapse)
bear tooth -Low(Red Bull)
beech cherry -infernal(Round Hill/Earache)
list -Unbound Abyss(willow lace)
Manager -reimbursement(rat suit)
brain damage -elimination of mortality($20 eraser)
dark throne -eternal greetings(Friedenville)
Devin Townsend-Return Series #2 - Galactic Quarantine(From the inside out)
dream theater -Archive Lost and Not Forgotten: Images and Words - Live in Japan 2017(Half a century)
enslaved -Under the Lights (Film Tour 2020)(Nuclear explotion)
enslaved -Chronicles Of The Northbound (Cinematic tour 2020)(Nuclear explotion)
enslaved -The Rise of Ymir (film tour 2020)(Nuclear explotion)
enslaved -Utgard - The Inner Journey (film tour 2020)(Nuclear explotion)
Eva 6 -dark valuePE (speed)
Fargo -Strange D'Amour(SPV/Wet Hammer)
fractal universe -the impenetrable horizon(Metal Sheet)
Hiras -Lonely(Napalm)
spiral spiral -Living since the apocalypse(Half a century)
light the torchyou will be my death(Nuclear explotion)
Motorhead -No sleep till Hammersmith40th Anniversary Edition (Sanctuary)
perilaxis occlusion -death ray traces(We owe him death)
plague -salida(Which)
stoned -stoners rule(Heavy Psychic Children)
Suidakra -wolf bite(MDD)
Teu Catafalco -wild(Season of Fog)
ballot box -snake and ghost(candlelight)
Many artists -Black Waves Of Adrenochrome: Tribute To The Sisters Of Mercy(Metalville)
Ala Branca -we owe him deathEP (We Must Die)
wild road -third(dorado robot)
withered -Lost(Season of Fog)

July 2, 2021
The corruption of the cannibal -Apocalypse(Comatose)
To the doors -nightmare to be(Half a century)
Born of Osiris -angel the alien(Sumerian)
break the sky -between the cracks(Keep going)
Horsemen of the Apocalypse -The Divine Knights(Nuclear explotion)
lord of the lostJudas(Napalm)
world generator -i live in broson(Heavy Psychic Children)
moon magic -1755Restart (napalm)
moon magic -extinguishedRestart (napalm)
Nano Steel Warfare -Italian folk metal(Napalm)
Nick Oliveri -NO. Hits All Over Vol. 7(Heavy Psychic Children)
night walker -in sterile form(willow lace)
psychosexual -secular hymns for children(6x)
Die Quireboys -a little of what you like30th Anniversary Edition (Off Yer Rocka)
and andMisantrópico Wolfgang(signo Rex)
Taxes -detour(black essence)
Many artists -Black Waves Of Adrenochrome: Tribute To The Sisters Of Mercy(Metalville)
year without lightTrost(pelagic)

July 9, 2021
Rise of the Guardians -Translations: Apocrypha Remix(Cherry red)
Christian death -atrocitiesRelaunch (Season Of Mist)
domination campaigngo to glory(Prosthesis)
Frost* -massive experimentsReiniciar (InsideOut)
Frost* -million cityReiniciar (InsideOut)
hammers of misfortunethe bastardNeustart (Cruz Del Sur)
hard line -heart, mind and soul(boundaries)
LA guns -I live armed and loaded(boundaries)
Laurenne/Louhimo -The Billing(boundaries)
Life. Project -Life. ProjectEP (own)
Riot -Atavistic/black command disorderEP (Century Media)
Musk Boi -Herbs(Auto)
mighty wolf -call of the jungle(Napalm)
Silberstein -If it's broken, it's easy to fix.reboot (crafting)
Toby Hitchcock -changes(boundaries)
Many artists -Endless World: A Clandestine Homage to Samhain(black donut)

July 16, 2021
Big city -testify(boundaries)
The light bulb -Moderately fast, reasonably angry(3 POINTS)
Cognitive -Malicious thoughts of accelerated execution(sole leader)
Sky and earth -v(boundaries)
Internal Flow -manchar o mar(boundaries)
martha gabriel -metal queens(audible)
ovid yo-Calvo(Season of Fog)
Lost paradise -at the millCD/DVD (nuclear explosion)
Kings of the Resurrection -sky watcher(boundaries)
shadows fall -of a bloodVinyl re-release (M-Theory)
space fighter -life damage(Metal Sheet)
times of grace -songs of loss and farewell(bad good)
vandor-On a moonlit night(Scarlet fever)
vouna -is careless(deep understanding)
weidenbaum-I've been feeling everything lately(MSFTSMusic/Roc Nation)
magic throne -Necrodimensions of the Hypercube(Napalm)
Ajenjo-the file(Black Lodge)

July 23, 2021
winds -PO Box(Brave)
cowardly idol -forked tongues(dark descent)
offspring -9 y Nussbaum(Epitaph)
dream theater -Files Lost And Not Forgotten: A Dramatic Walkthrough Of Events - Select Board Mixes(From the inside out)
exterminator -influence denied(Metalville)
in the space -self pity(Season of Fog)
divine slave -aggressive positive(Metalville)
heavy water -red brick city(silver lining)
whores and blow -whores and blow(dorado robot)
Lee Aaron -radio a!(Metalville)
Great Sir -Lean on30th Anniversary Edition (Evoxs)
sleep alarm -Pseudonym(UNFD)
tantric -the sum of all things(Cleopatra)
Yngwie Malmsteen -parable(music theory/mascot)

July 30, 2021
Axel Rudi Pell-Unlocked Diamonds II(SPV/Wet Hammer)
great great train -common country(English electricity)
piece! No, Captain Chunk! -Gone are the good days(Brave)
Dee Snider -leave a scar(Napalm)
The five hundred -a world on fire(long branch)
Geezer-Butler -Mind Manipulations: The Complete CollectionBox Assembly (BMG)
The inner spirit -Resurrection from the Ashes: Living in the Sanctuary(Epitaph)
The Exorcist -evil reaps death(remember death)
woman king -heavenly blues(relapse)
Lantlos -Wild dog(Prophecy)
Wostok-SeeOpus Ferox - A Great Fugue(sunny)
Lucer -Los Angeles Collection(Powerful)
martha gabriel -metal queens(audible)
OSI -BuchRecast (Sheet Metal)
OSI -Office of Strategic InfluenceRecast (Sheet Metal)
Praise the plagueyou give the Obsidian(life force)
pour -The Wasteland - PurgatoryPhysical Education (Fantasy)
swallow the sun20 years of sadness, beauty and despair - Lives in Helsinki(Half a century)
tragedy-disco balls on the wall(Napalm)
Vader-from deepReboot (Nuclear Explosion)

6. August 2021
alrioAll things must come to pass(boundaries)
Crimson Saints -undeniable(boundaries)
rockzirkus -If one comes, they all come.(boundaries)
cruz-tropical thunder(boundaries)
empty streets -age of repentancePE (Cleopatra)
tail of fire -The last fight(Napalm)
unknown language -sinner(building superintendent)
long shadow of dawnwrath island(boundaries)
night guard -ATBPO(boundaries)
night wish -OnceReboot (Nuclear Explosion)
Elevator -Destructive Machine Cooldown 3:27(Darkness)
Silberstein -If it's broken, it's easy to fix.Vinyl Reissue (Craft)
forest crypt -obsessed with nothing(Eternal death)
the man yawns -Rocky formationsRelaunch (Ripple)

13. August 2021
The puzzle -secularizing($20 eraser)
Natrak analAll the demons are here.Recast (Sheet Metal)
Natrak analhell is emptyRecast (Sheet Metal)
Natrak analHumanity will reap what it sowsRecast (Sheet Metal)
Natrak analWhen it rains fire from the skyRecast (Sheet Metal)
annihilator -follow a song from heaven(federal prisoner)
Blacktop-Mojo -Blacktop-Mojo(Auto)
The cold looksheavy shoes(Pet)
destruction -live attackDVD/CD (napalm)
apocalypse -Suicide and the Rest of Its Kind will follow in Part II(FYC)
Gost-Rites of love and reverence(Half a century)
Jack Russell's Great White -Great Zeppelin II: un homenaje a Led Zeppelin(Final term)
the murderers -printing(Isla)
Lorna Ufer -... and I return to nothingEP (Century Media)
Meet me at the altar -model citizenEP (Fueled by Ramen)
Vista -reveal the devastation(Slaughter)
quicksand -distant populations(Epitaph)
Grab -SepulQuarta(Nuclear explotion)
Massacre to prevail -of the church(Sumerian)
ghost buster -care cream(solid state)
The Ugly Kings -Strange, strange times(Napalm)
not requested -beautiful spirits(Prophecy)

20. August 2021
Alberto Rigonimetal addictEP (own)
All the good things -A hope in hell(better noise)
Between the buried and me -hearts II(Sumerian)
black swamp waterWake up(Powerful)
deaf sky -infinite granite(building superintendent)
George Lynch -resolved(rat suit)
megadeth-Separated in Boston(Cleopatra)
Necronáutica -dead in spirit(candlelight)
Kobold naranja -healing by firereboot (dissonance)
Die Quireboys -a little of what you like30th Anniversary Edition (Off Yer Rocka)
sodoma-bombenhagelEP (SPV/Dampfhammer)
steel rhino -steel rhino(GMR)
sun of suns -AUNT(Scarlet fever)
Lobos -Hexahedron (I live at the Henie Onstad Art Center)(house of mythology)
wars -Revolution(Napalm)
dry -When their gods chase you(Curling)
wolves in the throne roomoriginal arcana(relapse)

27. August 2021
Botanist/Thief -Scar/Diamond Brushdivision (prophecy)
Oh Bronx -Bronx VI(kitchen vinyl)
kite control -in the sun(vaca)
danko jones-power-trio(Union Sonic)
Enuff Z'Nuff -Never Enuff: rarities and demos(Final term)
Ex Deo -The thirteen years of Nero(Napalm)
grayscale -umbria(Brave)
pagan rituals -Herbs(For this)
Hooded Menace -triton bell(Season of Fog)
Jinjer-Magic wand(Napalm)
kat von d-love made me do it(Auto)
leper -Aphelion(From the inside out)
Lizzy Borden -give them the axVinyl Neuauflage (metal sheet)
Lizzy Borden -visual liesVinyl Neuauflage (metal sheet)
rate rate -the great album(two tones)
Neal Morse Band -innocence and danger(From the inside out)
pineapples -the first in itself(solid state)
driving spirit -forge your futureEP (Century Media)
Member -PortalDVD/CD (Kscope)
tirfing -Vanagandr(Despot)
Toxic Ruin -nightmarish darkness(Theory M)
Boletoschalter -seem(roadrunner)
Locations -Trost(rising empires)
White stones -dancing into oblivion(Nuclear explotion)
wurm -hex-wolf(Prosthesis)

3. September 2021
Married -II: Of which we are not talking(Nuclear explotion)
gigante -Sventevith (Storm near the Baltic Sea)Recast (Sheet Metal)
beyond graceour kingdom undone(Prosthesis)
Bokassa-molotov rock tail(Napalm)
Marijuana corpse -Grow down the lights must go upRelaunch (Season Of Mist)
metzger -confessions at the grave(Nuclear explotion)
moan of earth -The bodyPS (solid state)
green lung -black crop(For this)
Iron Woman -Senjutsu(BMG)
The Night Flight Orchestra -Aeromantic II(Nuclear explotion)
Illustrated books -The little big collective(Half a century)
FAULT -SatelliteEdition 20 Aniversario (Rhino)
Portrait -one without any(Metal Sheet)
Tuesday Heaven -the blurred horizon(Metal Sheet)

10. September 2021
canceled -maniacal(Half a century)
André W. K. -God is partying(Napalm)
Anette Olzón -Fortaleza(boundaries)
April, the 21st -courage comes from fearEP (eclipse)
between worlds -between worlds(boundaries)
chrome axles -the rain will purify(Overcome)
Gamma rays -30th birthday live(music by ear)
urgency -living bastards(Larva)
Falkenwind -dreams(Cherry red)
like machines -Super villainEP (own)
Metallica-metallic(The Black Album) Neuauflage (Blacked)
Seven Peaks -gods of debauchery(boundaries)
laziness -parallel timeline(bird danger)
Many artists -Metallica blacklist(redacted)

17. September 2021
extraterrestrial weaponry -short(Napalm)
Arcturus -Stars and Oblivion: The Complete Works 1991-2002(Prophecy)
flash of inspiration -wall of skulls(AFM)
candle holder -Lobos(floor covering)
corpse -broken arteries(Nuclear explotion)
Carlota Wessels -beads six feet underground(Napalm)
delinquent -sacrifice(Metal Sheet)
She -Dear loved one(dog tree)
Sarah all -it is not tragic(Warning)
Don Broco -amazing things(tono agudo)
pool -sinnerVinyl Reissue (Craft)
edge of paradise -The unknown(boundaries)
eidola -The architect(Blue Swan/Ascent)
to serve employeesto conquer(spinning farm)
witches -state of insurrectionRelaunch (M-Theorie)
insomnia -silvery MoonEP (Century Media)
Ozzy Osbourne -there are no more tearsRelaunch (legacy)
The action in youswan song(Brave)
The age of the ravenExile(EX1)
Carvalho -wanted man(boundaries)
Robin -Robin(boundaries)
sonny vicente-Terapia Coven Coven(For this)
ghost box -eternal blue(Rising up)
3 times -horizons/east(Epitaph)
vega-anarchy and unity(boundaries)
Rumzdom -Of miracles and wars(Scarlet fever)

striker -Endless goal / move onRelaunch (Season Of Mist)
angels and waveslife forms(Rising up)
bad flower -So the world ends(big machine)
The Body/Big|Brave - Leaving Nothing But Little Birds (Thrill Jockey)
disappointment -dead horse(Exciting jockey)
Knowledge -Agitation(Prosthesis)
day finder -talk in your sleepDeluxe Edition (Spinefarm)
Grinder-Blues -Both(Metalville)
Jerome's dreamGiftsrelaunch (iodine)
close your eyes -Viking's Ultimate Summer Issue(AFM)
mandoki soul mateUtopia for realists: Hungarian images(From the inside out)
A pale horse named Death -hell on earth(long branch)
paradox -Heresy II: End of a Legend(AFM)
Pop. 1280 -museum on the horizon(deep understanding)
Rivers of Nihil -The work(Metal Sheet)
skepticism -Couple(For this)
suspension tab -This place will become your grave.(spinning farm)
Donner -all the right soundsExtended Edition (BMG)
poison rose -Matar(crossed)
Tremonti -march in time(Napalm)
To the others -Fortaleza(roadrunner)
We spread butter on the bread -The album(AFM)

1. October 2021
Everything else failedThat never happenedRelaunch (loss of translation)
Ask Alexandriasee what's inside(better noise)
black saturday -technical ecstasyReissue (Rhino)
Crimson Throne -imperial congregation(Nuclear explotion)
The Body/Big|Brave -Leaving nothing but little birds(Exciting jockey)
disappointment -dead horse(Exciting jockey)
doro -Live the triumph and the agonyDVD/CD (Rare Diamonds)
duel -in the flesh(Heavy Psychic Children)
enslaved -caravans to the outer worldsEP (nuclear explosion)
four-stroke baron -classic(Prosthesis)
full of hell -Garden of Burning Apparitions(relapse)
Priest of the KK -sinner's sermons(EX1)
Cryptos -danger power(AFM)
Ministry -moral hygiene(Nuclear explotion)
Ronnie Atkins -4 more recordings (El Acústico)PE (stripes)
Roth -night prayers(Slaughter)
vampires everywhere -wake up(Cleopatra)
make the war -manic(Brave)

8. October 2021
Crimson Throne -imperial congregation(Nuclear explotion)
born with hairwhen witches fall(trepnation)
Marijuana corpse -stump at birthRelaunch (Season Of Mist)
Christian death -The Dark Age Renaissance Collection Part 3: The Age of DecayBox-Set (Fog Season)
terrifying death -the edge of existenceEP (eOne)
Eclipse solar -cabling(boundaries)
Gus G-quantum leap(AFM)
Jeff Scott Soto-The Duos Collection, Vol. 1(boundaries)
Kowloon Walled City -piecework(Neurot / Gilead)
Local H -Awesome Local H's #3 Quarantine Mixtape(Panda Brutal)
something -The B-sides of Great DismalPE (relapse)
Roger Glover -snapshotRe-release (earMusic)
shy, low -snake behind the sun(pelagic)
Teramaze-And the beauty they perceive(Primavera)
trivium -In the Dragon Court(roadrunner)
untamed land -Like creatures in search of their own ways(Napalm)
wayward children -draw(boundaries)

15. October 2021
Soy -god ends here(Metal Sheet)
The agonist -Days before the world criedPE (Napalm)
alcatrazz -v(silver lining)
cherubs -SLO BLO 4 FRNZ Y SXYPE (relapse)
Ded-school of thought(Security)
different process -nurture(Season of Fog)
Pinnick dug -cheer bomb(rat suit)
Frank Carter and the rattlesnakes -clingy(EARLY)
Georgia Thunderbolts diesCan we get a witness?(Pet)
twin syndrome -3rd Degree - The Resurrection(Half a century)
The great teacher -to the sky(boundaries)
To hate -Roar(Metal Sheet)
High Queen of the Desert -secrets of the dark moon(Curling)
hypotreater -Meridian(pelagic)
Ice nine-kills -Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood(Brave)
Enjoy -above the afterlife(boundaries)
lords of black -Alchemy of Souls Part II(boundaries)
Or lucid -the clear(spoiler head)
os melvin-five legged puppy(Ipeca)
Harvest Asmodeia -infinity obscured(Prosthesis)
pour -Vice Year - 2 Seether Decades(Art)
Pay -wings of roses( Gilead )
Twelve ninja feet -Rake(volcanic)
Wildjarta -city ​​of sunken seagulls(Half a century)

22. October 2021
1914 -Where fear and guns meet(Napalm)
armor knight -Live Salvation SymbolDVD/CD (metal blade)
appearance -To feel(deep understanding)
Blood Red Hourglass -Your Highness(Out of line)
Focal point -incendiary soul(AFM)
I can not swim -change of plans(pure noise)
catalytic crime -catalyst crime(Slaughter)
cradle of earth -existence is in vain(Nuclear explotion)
dream theater -A view from the top of the world(From the inside out)
Whenever I die-radicals(Epitaph)
livlos -And then there was no more(Napalm)
slaughter -resurgence(Nuclear explotion)
necrofiator -Prophecies of Eternal Darkness(Season of Fog)
There is a pineapple thiefNothing beyond the truth(Kscope)
Premiata forneria Marconi -I dreamed of electric sheep(From the inside out)
Guardian -collapse by design(tono agudo)
Grab -Sepulnation: The Studio Albums 1998-2009Box Assembly (BMG)
seven sisters -Shadow of a shooting star pt. 1(Dissonance)
Sixx: Tomorrow-Sixx: Morning Trips(better noise)
Bullfighter -haunt the chapelRecast (Sheet Metal)
Bullfighter -hell is waitingRecast (Sheet Metal)
Bullfighter -living DeadRecast (Sheet Metal)
Bullfighter -show no mercyRecast (Sheet Metal)
popa -Horizonte(Brave)
wurm -eternal clear($20 eraser)

29. October 2021
156/Silence -don't hold your breathEP (Sustained tone)
To infinity -Chapter II - Legacy(Napalm)
american teeth -we should have fun(Brave)
Archispira -bleed the future(Season of Fog)
lobos raton -dear monster(better noise)
Bastard -The loss of the son of Satan(Season of Fog)
beast in black -dark connection(Nuclear explotion)
Be'Lakor -coherence(Napalm)
Black veil brides -the ghost tomorrow(Sumerian)
Bobby Liebling and Dave Sherman The Cellar Chronicles -night owl(For this)
Burn the oppressorconviction(candlelight)
Deceased -Legions of the undeadEP (Theory-M)
frozen soul -wrapped in iceRelaunch (Century Media)
ghost bath -self critical(Nuclear explotion)
goat agony -forked tongues(Season of Underground Mist Activists)
Jerry Cantrell -illuminate(Auto)
Juan 5 -sinner(big machine)
Show -The moss grew on both swords and plowshares.(Prophecy)
last instance -Ehrenhort(AFM)
lucifer-4(Half a century)
Moloch -quiet and dark(Repetition)
Motorhead -everything stronger(BMG)
exaggerated -The Atlantic Years: 1986-1994Box set (Atlantik)
wild race -blood on blood(SPV/Steamhammer) Atalaya -control and resistancereboot (dissonance)
Thulcandra -one last wish(Napalm)
white chapel -Relative(Metal Sheet)

5. November 2021
Altareth -sangre(magnetic eye)
black card -melody(minus head)
Bornholm -Apotheosis(Napalm)
bala para mi san valentin -bullet for my valentine(Spine Farm/Search and Destroy)
Marijuana corpse -resin tubeRelaunch (Season Of Mist)
Deceased -Thrash Times at Ridgemont High(headbangers make hell)
Devil Swing Orchestra -Show off and walk down the rabbit hole(Candlelight/Spine Farm)
Emma Ruth Rundle -The engine makes hell(building superintendent)
fanatics of the darkdark fans(boundaries)
Wyrd de Gaahl -the whispering mountainXP (Season of Fog)
A bunch of crazy clowns -no chaos(Psychopath)
Ivar Björnson and Einar Selvik -HardangerEP (Norse)
Ivar Björnson and Einar Selvik -sombraRestart (Norse)
Like moths to flamespure as porcelainPE (UNFD)
Remembrance Avenue -memory lane(boundaries)
mol-diorama(Nuclear explotion)
mortal-preserved in torment(deep understanding)
Buceta Nashville -eaten alive(slingshot pig)
Omnium Gatherum -Origen(Half a century)
Ozzy Osbourne -diary of a madmannew version (epic)
straw man -Raise the head of deathPE (relapse)
spirit world -pagan rhythmsRelaunch (Century Media)
The three tremors -Guardian of the Void(steel cartel)

12. November 2021
Salbe oder Yeti -inside ground gooseXP (minus head)
All that remains -two ideas leftVinyl Reissue (Craft)
Beatalica -the comeback album(metal attack)
Connected -in the dark(Half a century)
Borknagar-Bork NagarRelaunch (Century Media)
Darkwoods Mi Novio -Carnage Angels Unleashed(Napalm)
hide your namedarker(Lupus-Lounge)
Enuff Z'Nuff -hard rock night(boundaries)
boys scout -apples are apples(boundaries)
hammer drop -Renegade 2.0DVD/CD (nuclear explosion)
craziness -5 (Ready to survive)(boundaries)
LA guns -finished chess(boundaries)
Mordred -the years of noise(Dissonance)
Nirvana -It doesn't matter30th Anniversary Edition (Geffen/Ume)
northern fairy talesEternal flame(Nuclear explotion)
rising against -There are no meetings anywhereEP (Vacation View)
show-ya -Comparison(Metalville)
quieter planetIridescent(solid state)
suffocation -life in north america(Nuclear explotion)
Unit -The Devil You Know - Live(SPV/Wet Hammer)
unleashed -no signs of life(Napalm)

19. November 2021
Ephenomen -a desert dream(Napalm)
blackmore night -winter leaderRe-release (earMusic)
Christian death -kiss of the wind picturesRelaunch (Season Of Mist)
converge -blood moon: me(Epitaph)
Darkness -engine heart(kitchen vinyl)
The path of a freedomAt night(Season of Fog)
Death-Metal-Adler -Eagles of Death Metal presents Boots Navidad eléctricaEP (UMe)
Earth Crisis/Snapcase/Conflict -The Return of the California Takeover(GUERRA)
exodus -unwanted person(Nuclear explotion)
eyes fly -exigent circumstancesEP (Closed Coffin)
hearts and grenadesBetween lines(Darkness)
Chemmis -fraudulent(Nuclear explotion)
KISS -destructorSuper Deluxe Edition (Ume)
Lizzy Borden -contract with the devilVinyl Neuauflage (metal sheet)
Lizzy Borden -master of disguiseVinyl Neuauflage (metal sheet)
The fear that lurksDeath, madness, horror, decay(Half a century)
me and this manNew man, new songs, same shit, volume two(Napalm)
Nervocaos -Unearthed (Evil Reincarnations)(Xenokorp)
dark -a validation(Nuclear explotion)
Pathology -above the Eternal(Nuclear explotion)
River bank -Riverside 20: Bd. 1 - OS-Shorts(From the inside out)
River bank -Riverside 20: Vol. 2 - The Long Ones(From the inside out)
Ross Jennings -A shadow of my future self(Graphite)
Saturday -20 year showBlu-ray/DVD (Nuclear Explosion)
Saturday -the big showBlu-ray/DVD (Nuclear Explosion)
swallow the sunMondblumen(Half a century)
temperance -diamonds(Napalm)
vampire theater -in the name of blood(Scarlet fever)
Volume -happier?(Brave)
Vrsty -welcome home(spinning farm)
RED. -Coliseum(Metal Sheet)

26. November 2021
Apsue - -after(Which)
mineral goat -Worship the eternal darkness(We owe him death)
Black Label Society -doom crew inc.(eUno)
Compliance Corrosion -Sleeping Martyr: 2000-2005(HNE)
cynical -Ascension Codes(Season of Fog)
Dunkellila -turn to crime(music by ear)
Fleischer -Knochenhauer(Slaughter)
rudder -alive and rare(music by ear)
hypocrisy -service(Nuclear explotion)
imperial triumph -A night with the Imperial Triumphant(Half a century)
On fire -TonmannReboot (Nuclear Explosion)
On fire -ColoniaReboot (Nuclear Explosion)
On fire -comes clarityReboot (Nuclear Explosion)
On fire -the fool's raceReboot (Nuclear Explosion)
On fire -Moon/Earth VoltageReboot (Nuclear Explosion)
On fire -forward to stayReboot (Nuclear Explosion)
On fire -sense of purposeReboot (Nuclear Explosion)
On fire -Soundtrack of your escapeReboot (Nuclear Explosion)
On fire -the tokyo crashReboot (Nuclear Explosion)
On fire -Used and abused: Live We TrustReboot (Nuclear Explosion)
On fire -HurrakelReboot (Nuclear Explosion)
loco -wait and prayRelaunch (High Roller)
Lee Aaron -almost christmas(Metalville)
Conclude -The dregs of Hades(audible)
megadeth-One night in Buenos Aires(Cleopatra)
Misty Bunget -Largo(Lupus-Lounge)
The ocean -Living Phanerozoic(Metal Sheet)
devil opera -death on a pale horse(Season of Fog)
Paul Gilbert and the Players Club -Was(Pet)
resolver -Between the machines and me(Rising Empire)
rhapsody of fire -glory for salvation(AFM)
Schmied/Kotze -better daysPE (BMG)
had -Guaranteed Overdubs: 100 MPH @ 100 Club(SPV/Wet Hammer)
Healthy O))) -Metta, Benevolence BBC 6Music: Live at the invitation of Mary Anne Hobbs(lord of the south)
sieg -gods of tomorrow(AFM)
walter-3rd Decade - The Anniversary Edition(Metalville)

December 3, 2021
The blackout -end of existence(spinning farm)
coronado -the atmosphere(Slaughter)
crown landsOdyssey Band 1(spinning farm)
Angel of Death -as a bastard hints(Nuclear explotion)
Epic -Ωmega livesDVD/CD (nuclear explosion)
genocide pactgenocide pact(relapse)
green carnation -the acoustic versesRelaunch (Season Of Mist)
Fail -wild type droid(Auto)
moon magic -darkness and hopeRestart (napalm)
Necromancer-Pheasant von Hal(Despot)
Of mice and menecological(tono agudo)
respirator -The line, its width and the war drone(Aquallamb)
redeemer -Which(self made god)
Poor neighborhood -The Atlantic Years: 1989-1996Box set (Atlantik)
inanimate -victory in blood(Half a century)
Many artists -Back in Black [Redux](magnetic eye)
Many artists -The Best of AC/DC [Redux](magnetic eye)
Many artists -Rock of Natal, Vol. 2EXP (Mascot)
volbeat -spiritual servant(Republic)
wolf tooth -blood and iron(Napalm)
You banished the corsairs -A pirate stole my Christmas(Napalm)

December 10, 2021
There were two wolves -they were two wolves(black pitch)
corpse vapors -echoing chambers of the soul(blood drawing)
Limit Exceeded -cheers to disappointment(boundaries)
Christian death -The Dark Ages Revival Collection: Part I, The Revival(Season of Fog)
burial in dark skyAnything when life works especially in the dark.(extrinsic)
burial -present not eternal(Season of Fog)
green day -BBC sessions(Warning)
Falkenwind -Dust of Time: An AnthologyThe Coffin Set (Atomhenge)
Land of Gypsies -gypsy country(boundaries)
lord of the lostThe Sacrament of JudeDVD/CD (napalm)
Mercury 10 -Exhausted(boundaries)
The murder of my candy -A Knight's Legacy(boundaries)
land of orphans30 years of oriental metalBox Set (Century Media)
perfect plan -Live in the scorer's house(boundaries)
Pirexie -maximum gravity(sole leader)
sodoma-M-1620th Anniversary Edition (BMG)
Stahlmann -quartz(AFM)
stone journey -quarryEP (robot dorado)
where fat -the growing darknessRelaunch (Ripple)
Zelbo -In my dreams(boundaries)

December 17, 2021
gigante -In the Absence of God(Metal Sheet)
cirith grunt -frost and fireRecast (Sheet Metal)
Draconiano -The Arcane Rain has fallenRestart (napalm)
Draconiano -where love criesRestart (napalm)
steep 69american vampire(Cleopatra)
mighty wolf -blood of the saints10th Anniversary Edition (Metal Sheet)
Shotgun Facelift -Dakota Blood Stampede(Darkness)

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Introduction: My name is Horacio Brakus JD, I am a lively, splendid, jolly, vivacious, vast, cheerful, agreeable person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you.