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Most of us have had a favorite teacher since childhood; Maybe it was the teacher who taught you to read, or the one who taught you to appreciate diversity, or even the one who taught you how to play kickball. Perhaps this teacher is your inspiration to become a teacher. If you're wondering what degree you need to become a teacher and you're ready to learn the steps to becoming the teacher you want, check it out.How to become a leading teacher!

We've broken down the steps to becoming a teacher, including the degrees you need and the exams you need to pass. While there are many different paths to becoming a teacher, they all start with a bachelor's degree, but not all end there.

Steps to Becoming a Teacher

  1. Enroll in a Bachelor's Degree
  2. Demonstrate your core competence
  3. Participate in student classes.
  4. Take the Teacher Certification Test

Eligibility and requirements
How long does it take to become a teacher?
Become a teacher in PA
How much do teachers earn?
Become a teacher at GMercyU

Steps to Becoming a Teacher

how to become a teacher (1)

how to become a teacher (2)1. Enroll in a bachelor's program

What title do you need to become a teacher?

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Well, the first step to becoming the teacher you want is to enroll in an accredited degree program such as the one offered by the School of Education at Gwynedd Mercy University.

Most public school districts and other educational employers require at least a bachelor's degree, in addition to state certification, to teach in their schools.

2. Demonstrate your core competencyhow to become a teacher (3)
Pennsylvania requires prospective teachers to pass state-mandated tests that assess general knowledge and basic skills, as well as specific and subject-specific knowledge.

At GMercyU, all freshman students who wish to become teachers start atpedagogyProgram in which you will complete your first 45 credits. After earning at least 45 credits with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, you must demonstrate basic math and literacy skills as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

There are several ways to demonstrate your core competency:

  • You can take the PAPA exam offered by Pearson
  • You can take the basic academic skills test offered by ETS
  • However, depending on your high school ACT or SAT scores, you may not be required to take any or all of these tests.
    • A score of 500 on any of the SAT sections (math, reading, or writing) exempts you from the corresponding basic ability test
    • If you took the ACT after August 2016, you will be exempt from the Basic Skills Test with the following grades: Reading: 22; Mathematics: 22; Write: 8

(Note: GMercyU does not require students to submit standardized test scores until Fall 2022. Learn more here.)

After demonstrating basic math, reading and writing skills, you are eligible to apply to one of GMercyU's programs.Early childhood education title.

how to become a teacher (4)3. Participate in student classes

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Most teacher training programs require you to spend at least one semester in a real classroom. During your undergraduate teaching experience, you will have the opportunity to practice managing a classroom while also being supported by a teaching assistant and your university professors. This hands-on experience will build your confidence and prepare you for a successful teaching career after graduation.

When deciding where to earn your bachelor's degree in education, be sure to choose a school that has a strong student and faculty placement program.

For example, at GMercyU, we have a dedicated Field Placement Director who will support you throughout your teaching experience as a student.

how to become a teacher (5)4. Take the Teacher Certification Test

To become a certified teacher, you must take the teacher certification exam, which is related to both your field of study and the state in which you want to be certified. While passing scores can vary by state, all prospective teachers take the same tests.

When deciding where to earn your bachelor's degree in education, you should also choose a school that has a strong program that prepares you to successfully pass the following exams:

  • If you are teaching preschool through fourth grade, complete Early Learning Modules 1, 2, and 3 of the Pennsylvania Educator Certification Test through Pearson.
  • For special education in elementary through fourth grade, complete Special Education Modules 1 and 2 of the Pennsylvania Educator Certification Test through Pearson.
  • To earn a high school diploma, you will take the Praxis II exam through ETS in the specific content area you will be teaching.

Eligibility and requirements

Although a bachelor's degree in education is the minimum level of education needed to become a teacher, you have many options about what and where you will teach. You can specialize in special education, high school, high school, or early childhood education. A high school diploma prepares you to teach in a high school, so you'll also choose a specific subject, such as science, math, or history.

While there will always be a need for competent and qualified teachers, this need is greater in some subjects than in others. Afterwe news,There is a growing need in the areas of special education, math, science, and bilingual education.

In most cases, a bachelor's degree is just the first step on the path to becoming a teacher. Most states and school districts require teachers to pass a teacher certification exam called praxis before starting work.

Once you find your dream classroom job, you can choose to continue your education and earn an advanced degree. HeNational Center for Education Statistics (NCES)In 2011-12, 56% of public school teachers had a master's degree or higher. Furthermore, the NCES found that the annual base salary of professors with a master's degree was almost 100%$11,000 more than teachers who only had a bachelor's degree.

In Pennsylvania, the pay gap between teachers with a bachelor's degree and a master's degree is comparable at the national level. In the table below, you can see the average salaries of homeroom teachers in Pennsylvania for the 2015-2016 school

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Average Classroom Teacher Salary 2015-2016 (PA)
Diploma60.377 $
Master-Studium70.481 $
Promotion81.917 $

How long does it take to become a teacher?

In general, it takes at least four years to become a teacher. Your individual schedule depends on your course of study, when you decide to take the state exam, what subjects and grades you want to teach, and where you are located.

Most school districts require at least a bachelor's degree, which takes at least four years to complete. During this time, you will gain hands-on experience through teaching students and observing in the classroom. After your four years, you'll feel primed and ready to inspire your future students! There are more careers in education than just teaching. OurEducational Career Guidecan help you determine your best path.

But before you even start studying, you have to decide what you want to teach. Are you interested in a double degree in a subject like history, math or special education? You should also think about which grade you want to teach; Do you see yourself working in a nursery school or elementary school, or do you prefer teaching high school students? These are important things to consider before enrolling in a teacher preparation program. If you're not sure which address works best for you, please take a few minutes to fill out ourWhat kind of teacher should I be?to test.

As part of your licensing program, you will take state certification exams. These exams test both your content-specific knowledge and your academic knowledge. Teacher certification is generally required to work in public schools and is state specific. For example, if you want to teach in Pennsylvania, you must ensure that your practice results are submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Become a teacher in PA

How to Become a Teacher in Pennsylvania

Earlier, we presented the steps to becoming a teacher. However, teacher requirements vary from state to state. So, while the basic requirements are similar to what you read above, Pennsylvania has some specific requirements for all teachers, listed below:

  1. Complete your studies.Pennsylvania requires prospective teachers to complete their training in one of more than 100 teacher preparation programs approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. These programs consist of classroom work and classes for students. Pennsylvania requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 to take the certification exam.
  2. Pass the certification.Upon successful completion, you can take the necessary state exams. The Pennsylvania Department of Education occasionally reviews and updates required tests as well as qualifying scores. Therefore, check the ministry's website before taking the exam to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.
  3. Being employed.Once you have your teacher certification in hand, you can apply for positions in public and private schools in Pennsylvania.

Teacher Salaries and Benefits in Pennsylvania

Teacher salaries in the state of Pennsylvania vary by region and school district, butDepartment of Labor Statisticscompiled a list of the average annual salaries of teachers in the state:

Degree/CertificationAverage annual salary in PA (2017)
kindergarten56.090 $
Elementary65.370 $
elementary School65.270 $
secondary education$ 66.020
Early Childhood Education and Special Education64.280 $
High School and Special Education65.270 $
High School and Special Education64.470 $

Lack of Teachers in Pennsylvania

For the 2016-2017 academic year, the statePennsylvania had a statewide shortage of teachersin the following disciplines or scientific subjects:

Pre-K-12:special education

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Kindergarten-12:Hearing impairment, speech and language impairment

Secondary:foreign language and literature, physics and life sciences

Grades 7-12:mathematics

All levels:AND

Professional disciplines: Building Maintenance, Economics, Carpentry, Electronics, Dental Health, Masonry, ROTC

How much do teachers earn?

In addition to the title held, there are other factors that affect a teacher's salary, including geographic location. As you can see, theThe median annual salary for teachers was higher in the Philadelphia area than nationally in 2015.

how to become a teacher (6)

Continue your educational career with a degree

After your bachelor's and state education diploma, you may decide to pursue a master's in education. If you've been teaching for several years, a master's in educational administration can prepare you for the principal or vice principal position, or a master's in special education can prepare you to provide expert student support if you're looking for another opportunity. of working at Making a Difference in Your School Community is a Masters in School Counseling.

Master's degrees typically have a minimum of 30 credits and can be taken online or in a traditional classroom setting. The number of courses you take at the same time can determine how long it takes you to complete your master's degree.

No matter what title you aspire to, as a teacher you are destined to be a lifelong learner. With each new subject or lesson you teach, your perspective changes and grows. Throughout your teaching career, you must try new strategies, implement new regulations, and collect new research on how best to reach students. Communicating with other teachers, collaborating in the classroom, and communicating with students will help you become the teacher you want to be.

Become a teacher at GMercyU

EmGMercyU School of Educationwe've assembled a team of teachers dedicated to helping you hone your own superpowers to become a teacher. With tools like the Teacher Apprentice Program (TAP) and Teaching Students, you'll gain the hands-on experience you need to transform your students' lives.

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  • About GMercyUTeacher Training Program (TAP),Undergraduate students participate in classroom observations from their first semester on campus and then continue to gain valuable hands-on experience through undergraduate and graduate teaching opportunities.

Soon to apply?Submit your requestfor admission today!


What is needed to become a teacher in Texas? ›

Obtain a Bachelor's Degree - You must earn a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. Complete an Educator Preparation Program - You must complete an Approved Educator Preparation Program. If you do not hold a degree you must complete a university program.

How many years does it take to become a teacher in Texas? ›

It takes roughly five years for aspiring teachers in Texas to achieve the certification they need to enter the field. This covers the time it takes for students to earn a traditional bachelor's degree (four years) and complete an educator preparation program (one year).

Can you be a teacher in Texas without a degree? ›

In Texas, you can become a teacher without a bachelor's degree. If you have at least 2-7 verifiable years of licensed work in a Trade and Industry field, there are many subject areas under Career & Technical Education (CTE) in which you can earn your online teacher certification.

What is the average teacher salary? ›

Find out what the average Teacher salary is

The average teacher salary in Ireland is € 37 538 per year or € 19.25 per hour. Entry-level positions start at € 30 000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to € 48 812 per year.

Do teachers get paid well in Texas? ›

How much does a Public School Teacher make in Texas? The average Public School Teacher salary in Texas is $55,166 as of February 27, 2023, but the range typically falls between $46,070 and $67,274.

What is the minimum teacher salary in Texas? ›

2021-2022 Minimum Salary Schedule
Years of Experience CreditedMonthly SalaryAnnual Salary (10 month contract)
17 more rows

How hard is it to become a teacher? ›

Depending on the route you take, becoming a teacher can require years of study before you can qualify. However, once you have qualified, you'll be embarking on a lifelong career in which you'll be making a lasting difference to thousands of children.

How fast can you become a teacher? ›

How Fast Can You Become a Teacher? Becoming a teacher usually takes between four and five years. It is possible, however, to become certified to teach in only four years. This is accomplished by completing an accelerated program which completes the credentialing process within the four-year bachelor's degree.

Can I become a teacher without a degree? ›

To become a teacher without a degree is certainly possible, although you're going to have to acquire some training, experience or qualifications. In this article, we discuss the possibilities of becoming a teacher without a degree, the teaching qualifications you can acquire and the different schools you might work at.

How often do teachers get paid in Texas? ›

Teachers are paid on a 12-month schedule. Twelve-month employees receive 26 checks a year. Most teachers are paid once a month for 11 months out of the year -- a few specialized instructional roles work on a 12-month schedule and are compensated accordingly. Teachers are paid twice a month for 12 months.

How much does it cost to become a teacher in Texas? ›

Costs range from $10,000-$20,000 depending on the program requirements. The third option universities can provide is a Master's Degree in Education that includes certification. This will require a significant investment as well ranging from $20,000-$60,000.

Where do teachers get paid the most? ›

Highest-Paid Teachers By State
3New York$89,000
46 more rows
Dec 4, 2022

How much do subs make in Texas? ›

Salary. The average substitute salary in Texas is about $107/day, but can be even more in other districts.

Is 30 to old to become a teacher? ›

Whether you're a fresh graduate or have 30 years' experience in an entirely different industry, you are still capable of being a successful teacher and can make a meaningful impact on the students you teach. So, there's no need to worry about whether you're too old, or if there's a cut-off age limit.

How hard is first year of teaching? ›

The first year of teaching is the hardest. While being an educator is never without its struggles, the first year is by far the most challenging — pieced together with idealism, confusion, good intentions, excitement, fear, and expectations.

How many years is a beginning teacher? ›

However, to account for the developmental differences between beginning (or graduate) and early career teachers with more years of experience, we divided our sample into three groups: Beginning (0–3 years), Transitioning (4–5 years), and Experienced (more than 5 years).

Do teachers make a good living? ›

Yes, educators absolutely do and can live well on a teacher's salary. It's all about what you value. If after reading this post you feel that teaching is not the best career choice for you, that's fine. It's good to know what you want vs.

Do you make a lot of money as a teacher? ›

The average student loan balance for all educators is $58,700, and 14.2% of educators owe more than $105,000. The average teacher spends about $750 per year on classroom supplies. The average first-year teacher's salary sits at $41,770. Many teachers need to find a way to make extra income.

Do primary school teachers get paid in the summer? ›

You will not be paid over the summer. However, 12% will be removed from the current hourly casual and non-casual rates. This represents the teachers' statutory annual leave entitlement of 4 weeks per year. The teacher will accumulate statutory annual leave to the value of 12% of time worked.

Do teachers get paid during summer break in Texas? ›

Most teachers do not get paid over summer break, but teachers can usually choose to receive their paychecks over 10 months or 12 months. Many teachers take a prorated salary to keep a steady income throughout the calendar year.

What schools pay teachers the most in Texas? ›

High-paying jobs for teachers in Texas
  • Webb Consolidated ISD. Average salary: $60,074 per year. ...
  • Irving ISD. Average salary: $61,600 per year. ...
  • Crowley ISD. Average salary: $63,514 per year. ...
  • Lackland ISD. Average salary: $63,842 per year.
Feb 2, 2023

How much do first time teachers make in Texas? ›

The average Entry Level Teacher salary in Texas is $41,632 as of February 27, 2023, but the range typically falls between $34,768 and $50,771.

What GPA do you need to be a teacher in Texas? ›

Currently, Texas Teachers' candidates require a 2.5 GPA or higher for program admittance. With the start of the new year, a higher GPA requirement may render many candidates ineligible or required to take the PACT Content Exam.

How much do teachers get paid per month? ›

Average R 20 385 per month.

What is the lowest paid teacher State? ›

The state with the lowest average teacher salary in the US is Mississippi, at around $48,000 a year. However, $48,000 in Mississippi may look very different from $48,000 in New York.
How does average teacher pay in your state compare to average pay in other jobs?
Graphic designer$53,720
67 more rows
Nov 8, 2022

Is 40 too old to become a teacher? ›

Wherever you are in your journey to becoming a teacher, don't let your age be a factor. Students and schools need all kinds of teachers. Your experience will most likely be an asset: part of what makes your teaching and your classroom uniquely valuable to your school community. In short, it's never too late to teach!

How long is teacher training? ›

Full-time courses usually take three to four years, while part-time courses take four to six years. If you have undergraduate credits from previous study, you might be able to complete a course in two years.

Is teaching job stressful? ›

According to the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) report, teachers are imposed to a greater job-related stress in comparison to other professionals.

Is 25 too old to become a teacher? ›

The short answer is: no, it's never too late to become a teacher.

Can you get a teaching degree online? ›

Flexible Teaching Courses Online

Taking online teaching courses enables you to make intelligent decisions about your future and get qualified at any time. We have 25 years as an accredited education provider and only offer courses that provide relevant industry qualifications.

Can you be a teacher at 25? ›

The youngest a teacher can be in the United States is 21 or 22 years old.
Age Started TeachingAmount
21-22 years old81
23-24 years old80
25-26 years old62
27-28 years old38
1 more row

What is an unqualified teacher? ›

unqualified teacher means a teacher who does not hold an approved teacher's qualification.”

Can a teaching assistant become a teacher? ›

If you have been working in a classroom for a significant amount of time, as a teaching assistant or in a similar role, you may be able to get qualified teacher status (QTS) through a 12-week 'assessment only' programme. You must also have a degree. You'll need to show that you already meet the standards for QTS.

How do you become a high school teacher? ›

The Bottom Line
  1. Complete your bachelor's degree.
  2. Complete student teaching (usually as your last semester of college)
  3. Pass the exam(s) required by your state.
  4. Obtain any required clearances, such as fingerprints or child abuse clearance.
  5. Apply for your certificate in the state you wish to teach.

How long does it take to finish Texas teachers? ›

Through a traditional route, it takes roughly five years to get your degree and teaching certificate. If you already have a Bachelor's degree, we recommend exploring the alternative route to teaching.

How long is a teacher work day in Texas? ›

The instructional day must be at least 420 minutes, including intermissions and recesses.

What benefits do teachers get in Texas? ›

In addition to medical care, TRS offers teachers additional benefits such as dental, vision, and long-term disability insurance.
Access to Affordable Health Insurance
  • Office Visits.
  • Preventative Care.
  • Inpatient Hospital Care.
  • Outpatient Surgery.
  • Prescription Drugs.

Is it hard to find a teaching job in Texas? ›

The good news is, in Texas, teachers are in high demand. The bad news is, as is the case with any job search, looking for the right teaching job can be a bit overwhelming and take a whole lot of work. Searching for a teaching job doesn't have to be stressful, though.

How hard is the Texas teacher certification exam? ›

The TExES has a passing rate of about 92%. Candidates should keep in mind that each subtest is different and will vary in difficulty. Preparation is the best way to avoid intimidation and achieve success on the TExES Exam.

Do private school teachers get paid more in Texas? ›

$2,052 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $3,041 is the 90th percentile. Salaries above this are outliers.
What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Private School Teacher Jobs in Texas.
Annual Salary$33,940
Monthly Pay$2,828
Weekly Pay$652
Hourly Wage$16.32
9 more columns

What kind of teacher makes the most money? ›

Salaries for educators vary widely. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for K-12 teachers is around $61,000 .
Highest-paying jobs in education
  1. School superintendent. ...
  2. K-12 principal. ...
  3. Dean of students. ...
  4. College professor. ...
  5. Instructional coordinator.
Feb 16, 2023

What state needs teachers the most? ›

According to data from the U.S. Department of Education for the 2022-2023 school year, Rhode Island has the largest teacher shortages in the following subjects: English as a second language, career and technical education, math, science, special education, health and physical fitness, world languages and language arts.

Is it worth it to be a teacher? ›

Teaching can be an advantageous and influential career choice for those passionate about education and willing to work hard. While the profession does present some challenges, it also offers many potential benefits and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Can you sub in Texas without a degree? ›

Most Texas school districts require that you have a minimum of a bachelor's degree before being allowed to apply to become a substitute teacher. Some education service centers also require you to undergo substitute teacher training before being allowed to serve as a substitute in any school in that region.

Do you need a degree to sub in Texas? ›

Substitute requirements

Education: Most districts require some baseline of education. However, it doesn't have to be a degree or a certain number of college hours. The district can decide the education requirement for substitute teachers which may include college hours but not necessarily a degree.

What do you need to be an elementary school teacher in Texas? ›

Obtain a Bachelor's Degree - You must earn a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. Complete an Educator Preparation Program - You must complete an Approved Educator Preparation Program. If you do not hold a degree you must complete a university program.

What are 3 steps in becoming a teacher? ›

Here are the general steps (in most states) to get a teaching certification or license: Obtain a relevant bachelor's degree. Complete a district- or state-approved teacher preparation program. Pass required exams in the school district and/or state (like the Praxis).

How many years does it take to become an teachers? ›

How to Become a Primary School Teacher: You can pursue any one of the courses mentioned – Elementary Teacher Education (ETE) for 2 years, Bachelor's in Elementary Education (B. El. Ed) for 4 years or Diploma in Elementary Education (D. El.

What are the 5 steps to teaching? ›

The following is an overview of the five phases of the 5E Model.
  • ENGAGE. In the first phase of the learning cycle, the teacher works to gain an understanding of the students' prior knowledge and identify any knowledge gaps. ...
  • EXPLORE. ...
  • EXPLAIN. ...
  • ELABORATE. ...

Is Becoming teacher hard? ›

It is not too hard to become a teacher.

The time it takes to become a teacher depends on three significant variables: your education and professional experience, what you want to teach, and your state's teaching certification requirements.

Do I need a degree to be a teacher? ›

What other qualifications will I need to become a teacher? While a degree is the highest qualification you'll need, you'll also be required to have GCSEs and be expected to complete an assessment of your English and mathematics fundamental knowledge.

How long does it take to become a elementary teacher? ›

Depending on your state, it may be necessary to pursue a master's degree after becoming licensed. As a result, becoming an elementary school teacher can typically take between five and seven years.

What is the maximum age to become a teacher? ›

KPSC Age Limit and Age Relaxation

To apply for the teacher recruitment exam, a candidate must be between 21-42 years.

At what age will I become a teacher? ›

While there is no upper age limit for applicants, they must be above 17 years of age.

What are the four basic teaching skills? ›

They should work to create the necessary condition for students to learn effectively and reach the desired outcome. For the teaching of English to be successful, the four skills, reading, listening, speaking and writing, should be integrated in an effective way.

What do teachers do during daily 5? ›

During Daily 5, students select from five authentic reading and writing choices, working independently toward personalized goals, while the teacher meets individual needs through whole-group and small-group instruction, as well as one-on-one conferring.

How do you plan a lesson quickly? ›

Five steps to faster, better lesson planning
  1. Take the long view. The first step in planning collaboratively is to sit down together and consider your entire program of study. ...
  2. Decide what to cover. Start with your first topic. ...
  3. Divide and conquer. Now for the fun part. ...
  4. Set the culture. ...
  5. Review and reflect.
Mar 19, 2017

What grade is hardest teaching? ›

Standardized Testing May Cause Grades 3 and Up to Be the Hardest Elementary Grades to Teach. Many educators argue that the hardest elementary grade to teach is one with standardized testing pressures.

What can disqualify you from being a teacher? ›

Multiple factors can disqualify people from becoming teachers because of their role in educating children.
What Can Disqualify You From Being a Teacher?
  • Sex Offenses. ...
  • Serious Felonies. ...
  • Convictions for Person Crimes. ...
  • Drug Convictions/Failed Drug Tests.
Feb 15, 2023

How do you know if teaching is for you? ›

Do you love sharing knowledge with people and helping them to explore their own curiosities? Are you good at explaining things in a way that makes people feel encouraged to learn more? Does the idea of helping to shape minds excite you? If you answered yes to these questions, you may be a teacher in the making!


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