Is it worth exercising 24 hours a day? (Review + Pros and Cons) - Trusted Observer (2023)

Is it worth exercising 24 hours a day? (Review + Pros and Cons) - Trusted Observer (1)

When you finally want to buckle down and join a gym, the options abound.

For most of you, 24-hour fitness will be among the most popular gyms in your area, with nearly 430 locations across the country.

The name gives away the main selling point for joining, but you may still be wondering:

Is it worth training 24 hours a day? Is it a good gym and a decent value?

24 Hour Fitness is a great mid-level fitness option, on par with places like LA Fitness and Gold's Gym. It won't be cheap, but you'll get a wide range of equipment, courses, and other amenities that make 24HF really good overall.

Some members complain about the cleanliness of the facility in certain locations, and the 24-hour exercise is a popular option that can get quite crowded during peak hours. But overall, this is a great place to start your fitness journey.

Let's dive into a more detailed breakdown of what you get as a 24H Fitness member, the pros and cons of joining, and a detailed review.

How much does 24 hours of training cost?

The 24 hour price is one of the most complicated models I have seen.

(There is no set monthly price to join.)

Everything depends on:

  • How many clubs would you like to have access to?
  • What amenities would you like to enjoy?
  • How far in advance are you willing to commit?

Pay less for access to a single club or multiple "sports levels" or lower clubs.

You'll pay extra for access to premium "super sports" clubs, which often have swimming pools and advanced training equipment or areas like grassy areas or Olympic training facilities.

In general, you'll likely pay anywhere from $30 to $50 per month to become a 24 Hour Fitness member, plus membership and annual fees that vary by club; they are usually around $50 each.

Check with your local club and ask about their rates.

(As always, keep an eye out for seasonal sales or sales, and use my guide on how to do it.)Negotiating Your Gym Membershipthe best price.)

This pricing structure puts 24 Hour Fitness right in the middle of what you'll find at other gyms.

Convenience gyms like Planet Fitness or Crunch are cheaper (around $10/mo) and high-end gyms likelife the equinoxcosts between $70-200 or more.

24-hour fitness equipment, features and amenities

So now you know a little about what to expect when you sign up for 24HF.

But what is included in the gym for paying members? What kind of amenities and services can you expect?


The selection of equipment at most 24H Fitness locations is quite good.

The size of the facility and the sheer amount of equipment aren't as impressive as some of its competitors, but you can assume you'll find everything you need for a good workout here.

Each location is a little different, but expect the following:

  • Lots of cardio equipment (treadmills, bikes, etc.)
  • blacksmith machines
  • resistance machines
  • dumbbell stack
  • free weights
  • power racks
  • dumbbells

You may have to wait for certain equipment during peak hours due to the smaller size of these gyms, but overall most gym-goers should be very happy with the selection here.


As a member of 24 Hour Fitness, you'll have access to a variety of group fitness classes.


This can represent excellent value compared to joining a specialist or boutique studio. Many people love to combine a few group classes a month with a handful of their own workouts for a truly balanced fitness regimen.

Class times and offerings vary by city and location, but you can generally bring:

  • Yoga
  • zumba
  • Cardio y Bootcamp
  • Fold
  • pilates
  • And more

Everything included in your monthly subscription!

pool and spa

Most of the mid-level and high-end gyms open 24 hours have aPooland wellness area.

Don't expect a fancy outdoor pool with a waterslide, but when you want a quick swim or soak in the Jacuzzi, you'll often find it here.

However, check with local clubs to see what they offer, and make sure your membership includes access to top-tier clubs, including a pool and spa.


24 Hour Fitness is a great option for parents - they offer a daycare option called the Kids Club for an additional fee on top of your monthly subscription.

The sitters here are all CPR certified and will entertain and care for your kids for 6+ months while you exercise (as long as you don't leave the premises! You'd be surprised how often people try).

Costs vary by location, but expect to pay a few dollars per child per visit or add it to your monthly subscription.

other amenities

There are many other benefits to explore as a 24 Hour Fitness member, some included, some at additional cost, such as:

  • basketball court
  • racquetball courts
  • personal training
  • Rasenzonentraining
  • And more

As always, check it out at your local club!

And of course the main selling point here is the 24/7 access to all the clubs - that's great for night owls and people with unique schedules.

What real people say (24 hour fitness reviews, pros and cons)

I went through a bunch of reviews of 24-hour gyms across the country to see what actual members had to say about the place.

These are some of the ongoing issues and key issues.


variety of equipment

In general, members seem very satisfied with what 24H Fitness has to offer as a gym.

There is plenty of cardio equipment and generally an impressive selection of strength training equipment.

(Many lower-middle-range gyms are cheap and don't offer dumbbells or power racks for serious weight lifting.)

Take a ride before you jump in, but the 24HF is probably a good choice no matter what kind of workout you prefer.

personal training

If you sign up (and pay extra) for personal training here, you're likely to have a good experience.

Most of the reviews I have read have praised the training and the in-person process.

Expect to pay around $200-$300 for a starter training package (four sessions for new members).

Of course, prices and quality vary greatly by location, so check with your local club.


Independent management is hit or miss

I have read many complaints about the owners and managers of various 24 hour gyms.

These franchise locations may be run by warm, friendly, and helpful people, or by jerks just trying to make money.

Pay close attention to how you will be treated when you join a tour, and make sure you meet the owner or manager before committing.

club cleaning

A handful of 24-hour gyms across the country had negative reviews, specifically related to the cleanliness of the clubs.

Most of the clubs are super-kept and have up-to-date equipment, but some of the venues are older and have been left in disrepair by management.

It is very important that you take a personal tour of your local club to see for yourself before joining.

Alternatives to 24-hour fitness

24 Hour Fitness is a very good intermediate fitness option, but not my favorite overall.

I would also checkLAFitnessif you want bigger facilities, more amenities and similar or better facilities.

If you want to consider another 24 hour option, take a lookfitness at any timeAlso Alternative.

Both have a similar quality to 24-hour physical activity, but have a few different pros and cons that you might want to address. Don't think 24HF is your only option because of your budget!

To involve

So is it worth training 24 hours a day?

Overall, it's a solid mid-range gym and very good value for money. 24-hour access is a big plus for people with odd schedules (or night owls!), and you'll find all the gear you need for just about any workout.

Don't expect fancy pools or huge facilities in most places, and be sure to take a tour before joining to explore the grounds and meet the management.

Unsold? see moregym comparisonshere for my individual favorites and breakdowns.

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