Mandela Rhodes Scholarship for African Students 2023 | fully funded (2023)

Are you an African student? Do you need financial support to complete your education? The Mandela Rhodes Scholarship for African Students 2023 is announced by the Mandela Rhodes Foundation. This international scholarship offers aspiring leaders a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to embark on a transformative journey. With financial support, African students can focus on personal growth, overcome challenges, and network with like-minded African students who are motivated to achieve change in step with modernity. Hefully funded scholarshipThe program aims to equip young African students with the skills and confidence to create a world of equal opportunity. In this article, we will discuss the details of the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship for African Students 2023, Academic Fields, Eligibility, Benefits, How to Apply, and Deadline.

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Mandela Rhodes Scholarship for African Students 2023 | fully funded

About the Mandela Rhodes Foundation:

The Mandela Rhodes Foundation, established in 2003 in association with the Rhodes Trust, is one of three official organizations carrying on the legacy of Nelson Mandela. Our mission is to support and mentor young leaders in Africa to develop the skills, knowledge and mindset needed to tackle the complex challenges facing the African continent. By investing in the future of African leadership, we hope to have a positive impact on society and nurture a new generation of change agents who will help move the African continent forward.

About Mandela Rhodes Scholarship for African Students, 2023

It is one of the remarkable international opportunities to develop personality and leadership skills in African students. This program places great emphasis on developing self-confidence, embracing diversity and tackling complex issues in Africa. mandelawheel bagsWith full financial support, you'll gain the vision and skills you need to tackle a variety of challenges and social situations.

Participants will form lasting connections with a diverse group of like-minded individuals through a week-long workshop focused on professional development and enhancement. EITHERafrican bagis looking for visionary leaders with a moral compass who are committed to promoting human dignity, equality, and human rights in society. The fellowship will have the opportunity to inspire and guide others to reach their full potential and achieve their career goals.

The Mandela Rhodes Foundation believes that reconciliation and reconciliation are crucial to building a more just world. Their passion, creativity and innovative ideas will help transform Africa into a place of equality and respect on the world stage. Through this program you will gain new perspectives and insights to use your unique skills to drive positive change in Africa. The Mandela Rhodes Foundation is one of three official legacy organizations of Nelson Mandela, established in 2003 in partnership with the Rhodes Trust to continue its mission to serve humanity equally.

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Host country: Study in South Africa

Host University: Various South African universities

Scholarships offered by: Mandela Rhodes Foundation in support of Africans

bag cover:fully funded

last level:Bachelor and Master

Study duration:The bachelor's degree with distinction lasts 1 year and the master's degree lasts 2 years.

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What are the benefits of the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship for African students??

The Mandela Rhodes Scholarship winner will pursue higher education at institutions in South Africa that offer a comprehensive funding package (Honours andmaster stipend) to cover study expenses. This includes tuition for a one-year honors degree or a two-year master's degree in any field from a recognized South African university. This scholarship allows students to focus on their academic and personal growth without the added stress of financial constraints. The scholarship covers the following costs as listed below:

  1. The scholarship covers tuition fees.
  2. Registration fees are also covered by this program.
  3. Students receive a subsidy for the purchase of study materials.
  4. Accommodation costs are also available for students.
  5. A food allowance is provided to students to cover their daily grocery expenses.
  6. The scholarship includes a health care allowance to meet the health needs of students.
  7. To cover personal expenses, students also receive a personal allowance.
  8. Research grants are made available through the program to support student research projects and efforts.
  9. The program includes economy class air tickets from the student's country of origin to the institution and vice versa, making it easier for students to travel.
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Which South African Universities participate in the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship?

Around 23 South African universities, offering various academic fields and specializations, participate in this international scholarship programme. You need to check the course on the website of the South African university you are attending. Check the official website of South African Universities for details in the next section.

Which South African Universities participate in the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship?

The list of universities that participate in the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship is below. The academic and specialization courses for 1-year honors and 2-year master's degrees are available on their official website as follows:

  1. Monash University

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  2. Fort Hare University

    (Video) Mandela Rhodes Scholarship for African Students 2021-22 – Fully Funded

  3. University of the Western Cape

    (Video) Mandela Rhodes Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships 2023 For Study In South Africa(Fully Funded)

What are the eligibility criteria for the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship for African Students?

Applicants for the Rhodes Mandela Scholarship must meet the following criteria to be eligible for this Mandela ScholarshipBecafor his studies at various South African universities.

Eligible countries:

  1. Citizens of all African countries can apply for this opportunity in South Africa.

Application requirements:

  1. Age Requirement: You must be between the ages of 19 and 29.
  2. Academic Requirement: Must have a bachelor's degree with a GPA of greater than 70% or a second class bachelor's degree by January 1, 2024.
  3. English Language Requirement: The student can produce written and oral academic work in English in a graduate program. English is the main language of instruction at South African universities.

How are Mandela Rhodes Scholars selected?

The selection committee selects the candidate based on the following factors:

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  1. Academic excellence and commitment to education
  2. Demonstrated ability to promote reconciliation in personal and professional contexts.
  3. Strong potential and leadership qualities.
  4. Experience and entrepreneurial mindset

How to apply for Mandela Rhodes Scholarships for African Students?

Candidates can apply using the following procedure:

  1. It is strongly recommended to youApply online for Mandela Rhodes Scholarshipas soon as possible, even if you have not yet applied to or been accepted to a South African institution. This will ensure that you have plenty of time to explore different options and pursue other opportunities if your first choice doesn't accept you. Please note that if you are not admitted to a South African institution, even if you are accepted, you will not be able to accept the scholarship.
  2. To increase your chances of getting the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship, we strongly recommend that you apply to a number of universities. If you are not accepted at your preferred institution, alternative options ensure that you can still accept the scholarship if awarded.
  3. So, you have to find the South African university mentioned in this article, find its academic course, check the requirements and fill in the application form on the official website.
  4. You can start both processes at the same time because time is short! On the other hand, since you have to apply to the University of South Africa, you have to start your studies.Mandela Rhodes Stipendienportal
  5. Upload the required documents requested by the Mandel Rhodes Scholarship Portal.
  6. Upload the 3 letters of recommendation from your professor(s) directly.
  7. Fill out your application and submit it carefully and wait for the results!

What is the application deadline for the Mandela Rhodes Scholarships for African Students 2023?

The application deadline for the Mandela Rhodes Foundation Scholarship for African Students 2023 isApril 21, 2023


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