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The main reason why a Ryobi 18V Batterydoes not charge, one of its cells is over-discharged. If one of the cells becomes discharged, the 18V battery automatically goes into sleep mode and does not respond to charging. To find out if the battery is in standby mode, you need to check if the red and green charging lights are blinking.

If you don't know what happened to your battery, be sure to read this article to identify and fix the problem. There are times when thethe battery does not chargeeven after troubleshooting. At this point, it is necessary to consult an expert. This article contains all the main reasons why a battery may not charge and how to fix them.

The battery is not balancedRyobi 18V battery not charging; How can I fix errors? | throne tools (1)

Um Ryobi18V batteryit is built in such a way that it has many individual cells. Sometimes cells can become unbalanced and therefore tend to have different charges. Such an event can lead to a big problem and therefore needs to be addressed with immediate effect.

Causes of cell failure

  • The cell may no longer be able to hold a charge.
  • Cell phone may not accept charge
  • Differences between cells in charge retention. When this happens, one of the cells will run out of voltage to the other different cells. It occurs mainly in very old batteries when the difference between the cell voltages is very large.
  • The voltage may drop below the voltage shutdown level. Most batteries have a built-in cut-off voltage level. When this problem occurs, the cell may be prevented from working. There are different methods for thisrepair batteryunbalanced packets.

Methods to repair unbalanced batteries

You should only attempt this if your battery's warranty has expired. If the warranty is still valid, please return the package to the place of purchase for repair or replacement.

1. Load only one cellRyobi 18V battery not charging; How can I fix errors? | throne tools (2)

You have to open the battery to charge only one cell. When you have finished opening the package, you can now check the voltage of each cell. If necessary, load the specific cell with a bank fountain. You must charge the cells within 0.1V of the other cell.

When you have charged all the cells, it is time to reassemble the pack and when you have done so, charge the battery pack to see if it responds to charging. If that's the case, you're good to go, but you'll need to move on to the next method if it's still not responding.

2. Try starting the battery with a similar type of batteryRyobi 18V battery not charging; How can I fix errors? | throne tools (3)

In cases where the battery has been over discharged, the charging system will prevent charging and bring the battery back to life, and you should start it with a good battery. To do this, connect the good and bad batteries together for a few minutes. This gives the dead battery a temporary charge that tricks it. charger, and start working.

It would help if you also try to measure the voltages with a multimeter. Follow the steps below to ensure that connections and disconnections are done consistently.

Paso 1;To access the individual batteries in the battery pack, remove the outer cover

Paso 2;Locate the negative and positive poles of your battery.

Level 3;you need a multimeter. once you have yours multimeter, measure the voltages at both terminals where the resulting voltage should be very low.

stage 4;Find a working battery and connect it to the bad battery. The connection should be the positive pole of the good battery connected to the positive pole of the bad battery and the same should be done with the negative poles. The connection must be made directly to the batteries and not through the circuit board.

paso 5;Leave the connection for about 30 seconds

paso 6;Take your multimeter and check the voltage of the bad battery. It should have gone up a bit.

paso 7;Assemble the battery in its correct state, and then connect the charger. If the process is successful, the charger should not work properly.

How to know if the battery is bad?Ryobi 18V battery not charging; How can I fix errors? | throne tools (4)

As already mentioned, a BatteryIt contains several cells and if one of them is damaged, it renders the entire battery unusable. Steps to check battery status.

  1. Plug in the charger and turn it on. Let the battery charge for approximately one hour.
  2. Connect a multimeter to the battery terminals to measure the voltage.
  3. The battery voltage should show a higher value than indicated on the side of the battery. If the reading is less than specified, the battery should be replaced immediately.

When the battery is not charged, it can display accurate voltage, and also the voltage level may drop immediately after the battery is charged. When a battery is fully charged, it should serve your tools longer than when it is not fully charged. If the fully charged battery does not work for a long time, you should consider it damaged and need to be replaced.

Tips for Maintaining Your Ryobi Battery

  • When charging the battery, always make sure the ambient temperature is favorable, between 50 and 100 degrees F.
  • Take care when storing your battery. The battery should be stored in a dry place and the temperature should not be too hot or too cold.
  • Check your battery regularly. When not in use, the battery needs to be charged for four to six weeks to keep it in good condition.
  • Always unplug the charger from the mains and switch it off when charging is complete. Then remove the battery. Don't assume that even if the charger has an interruption, it can still fail, causing the battery to overcharge.
  • If the battery becomes very hot during use, do not connect it to a charger until it has cooled down. Always allow the battery to cool down long enough and then charge it in cold weather.


When the battery is connected to the charger, the battery contacts can be bent or even damaged. For a stable connection, you need to gently bend them with pliers. In situations where soldered wires are loose, you must clamp them firmly to ensure a smooth connection. When charging, make sure the charger is firmly plugged into the socket and the battery is also firmly inserted. You will hear a click when the battery is correctly installed.

If you don't want to take the pack apart, you can use the crash recovery method, which involves placing the battery on the charger, plugging and unplugging the charger through the main port, and trying to get a speed of about three times per second. . After a while, leave the charger plugged in and the red light should come on. If it doesn't work on the first try, try several times, but if it doesn't respond, contact a specialist.

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