The 6 Best Home Buying Apps of 2023 (2023)

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Buying a new home can be a challenging and time consuming task. Driving to visit neighborhoods and properties, tour homes, and locate nearby schools and grocery stores can feel like an extra part-time job when you add home hunting to your busy life.

house purchaseApplicationsyou can significantly reduce and speed up this time investment. You can search the long list of properties for sale to see only those listings that match your criteria. From there, start deleting the ones you don't like until you have your list. You can then drive to visit those same houses.

We reviewed 15 home buying apps to find the ones that are right for you. We make sure that they are available on both Apple and Android platforms, that they are free, and that they are highly rated by users. We wanted apps with the largest housing databases and we looked at how they analyzed the data and how often they updated the listings. However, we recognize that when it comes to making a major purchase, like buying a home, people often want to speak to a human being to answer questions and guide them through the process. That's why we've selected apps that easily connect you with experts.agents. Here are our top picks.

The 6 Best Home Buying Apps of 2023

The best apps to buy a house

The best apps to buy a house

  • Our top picks
  • Zilow
  • Xome Real Estate Auctions
  • trulia
  • golden brooch
  • Rotflosse
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  • What is a home buying application?

  • How accurate are home buying apps?

  • How can I use an app to buy a house?

  • How many houses should you see?

  • methodology

better overall :Zilow

We selected Zillow as our best overall real estate buying app due to its high volume of inventory and services. The app also offers free foreclosure data, pre-approval assistance, and customizable search filters.

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  • Users have access to more than 135 million homes

  • Detailed search and filter criteria

  • Coordinate your search with a partner or roommate by checking home features and sharing your favorites


  • OTesoroThe algorithm uses control registers to produce results that are sometimes inaccurate.

  • Properties have multiple agents. Only one of them is the true lister. Others pay a premium to appear and are often unaware of the property.

Zillow was founded in 2006 by Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink, former Microsoft and Expedia executives. They founded the online real estate services company in Seattle, Washington.

The Zillow home buying app is the best overall tool because it has the largest database of more than 135 million homes, a full suite of nationwide search capabilities, and the ability to connect with agents for service.

Zillow covers the entire life cycle of owning and living in a home: buying, selling, renting, financing, renovating and more. Under the Zillow brand, Zillow operates Zillow, Zillow Premier Agent, Zillow Home Loans, Zillow Closing Services, Zillow Homes, Inc., Trulia, Out East, StreetEasy, HotPads and ShowingTime.

The app works with a database of more than 135 million homes in the United States, including homes for sale, for rent, and those not on the market. The agent search tool can help you start your search for real estate agents. You can search by location, home price, size, and other features.

The application regularly updates its database. Some minor changes made by sellers appear in the app within minutes, but all changes are updated within 24-48 hours.

zillow is freefor buyers and sellers.

Better buy at auction :Xome Real Estate Auctions

We selected Xome as our best app for buying a home at auction due to its easy user experience for viewing and bidding on national listings. Detailed information such as financing statistics, real estate and neighborhoods; notifications when someone is bidding on a property you are viewing; and the property's price history keep the bidder up to date on activity. Xome Real Estate Auctions outperforms its competitors with an efficient electronic signature feature for contracts.


  • One of the largest databases of auction items.

  • View properties before the auction

  • The app has the same full set of features available on the website.

  • Push notifications will notify you when a competitive bid occurs

  • Electronic signature of the contract in the application


  • While the auction inventory is large, the app has relatively few reviews on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Xome Real Estate Auctions is a national app with headquarters in Texas and an office in California.In addition, Xome has a variety of subsidiaries and divisions that provide title services, mortgage solutions, field services, appraisals, notary signings, and much more.

Xome Real Estate Auctions has one of the largest selections in the entire countryREO,Short sale,mortgage's trialand luxury houses up for auction. The app enables a nationwide search for homes for sale with a simple user experience, making it our top pick for buying a home at auction.

While registration for an auction is free, interested buyers must agree to a $1,000 hold for each event they register for, unless their account is verified.When a buyer wins a property, Xome adds a "Buyer's Premium" to the winning bid, which is 5% of the winning bid amount or $2,500, whichever is greater.This will be the new purchase price for the property, excluding closing costs.

Once you place an order and receive a confirmation email, a completion coordinator from Xome will contact you to coordinate completion.


Better search ability :trulia

We selected Trulia as our best home buying app for search terms because the user can view a property in different ways. For example, a person can view your property, information about crime in the area, shopping, restaurants, schools, commute times, and reviews from community members.


  • The Trulia app displays local information such as neighborhoods, schools, and stores.

  • App notifications alert you to new homes that have been added to the market that meet your criteria

  • The platform offers pre-qualified financing and calculators

  • You can draw on the map with your finger to customize your geographic search

  • In all property announcements there is a link to the real estate agency for direct contact


  • Complicated process for listing properties for sale by owner

  • Users complained about receiving notifications not related to their search

The company was founded in 2005, acquired by the Zillow Group in 2015, and is headquartered in San Francisco.The app is best for searching as users can explore millions of listings across the country with 34 neighborhood map overlays. These overlays give users a better look at what it's like to live not only in this house, but in this neighborhood as well.

since it isbought on Zillowin 2015, Trulia had access to the majority of Zillow's databases of 135 million households.To ensure consumers see the best and most up-to-date information possible, Trulia processes more than 1.5 terabytes of data every day, providing the data needed to help shoppers search better than other apps. The data can be divided into two main data sets: public record listings and data, and consumer behavior data. Like other real estate buying apps, Trulia provides data from public records.

In just a few minutes of interacting with the app, users generate an average of 18-20 events or signals related to their intentions or preferences. Trulia processes these signals to deliver personalized content and drive engagement.

Trulia displays the names and contact information of the agents on the list so that users know who they would work with on each list. The application is free for users.

The best broker options :golden brooch

We chose Homesnap as the best real estate buying app for real estate agents because real estate agents, teams, andreal estate agentsyou can view production metrics, agent ratings, and reports.


  • Access to highly credible listings due to MLS integration

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  • Extensive filters, helpful map overlays, and other options to find the perfect home

  • high resolution photos


  • Lack of coverage in some areas due to Homesnap having to work with individual MLS

Homesnap is a trusted property buying platform that allows people to browse homes, search listings, and collaborate right from their phones. The company was purchased by commercial real estate information provider CoStar in late 2020.

Homesnap offers the best options for real estate agents, giving users access to data-driven prospecting tools, unmatched client collaboration capabilities, and a direct connection to real-time data from its Multiple Listing Service (MLS), all In one single place.

This application works with a specialized internal database, which also integrates real-time data from more than 240 tax records, census data, geographic boundaries, property polygons, school information,mortgage ratesand other information related to real estate.

The app claims to update MLS in real time, giving users access to new and updated listings before other apps.

The Find Agent feature allows users to connect with their agent or the agent who knows the home they are interested in best. Real estate agents use a similar version of the app with enhanced features so they can message their clients in the app and help them find the perfect home. The optional Homesnap Pro is designed to make life easier for real estate agents on the go by providing free real-time MLS data to agents only, as long as the agent is an active subscriber to a participating MLS.

More reliable

We chose as our most trusted property buying app because it is the authoritative research portal for buying real estate.Federal Association of Realtors. This is made possible by the close relationship real estate agents have with the Multiple Listing Service, which provides data sources used by most home buying apps. With this relationship, usually updates a little faster with the information provided by the MLS broker.


  • Users can hide an entry from their search results

  • Search for other rentals in the same area with the press of a button

  • Property listings include neighborhood noise level ratings


  • Clicking "Contact Agent" will not take you to the listing agent but to local agents who have paid for this premier service.

  • Android users are constantly facing crashes while using the Google Play app was founded in 1996 and is currently owned by Move, Inc., a division of News Corporation (NWS).According to News Corporation's most recent quarterly report, the average monthly number of unique visitors to's web and mobile sites was 66 million. has the most trusted application due to the influence and needs of the National Association of Realtors and because the data is derived from the MLS.

Available for Android and iOS, this real estate buying app offers real estate listings directly from over 800 MLS. The data is updated every 15 minutes.It displays everything from detailed property photos to details like property taxes and sales history, combined with easy-to-use search options. For investors and professionals, this app is always the first choice.

The app collects leads for home seekers and passes them on to participating agents who pay for that specific zip code.

This app is free for property buyers.

best value :Rotflosse

The 6 Best Home Buying Apps of 2023 (11)

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We selected Redfin as our most profitable home buying app because it offers users a combination of innovative technology, great service, and the lowest price.Broker commission ratesif you use a Redfin broker. While all of the apps are free, the cost of buying a home can be less than usual since Redfin agents have lower commission rates.


  • The application allows you to customize your home search and draw a perimeter on the platform's map.

  • Accurate estimation of property values, as much of the data is determined by real estate agents' offers

  • Buy from a Redfin agent and Redfin will give you a percentage of their sales commission

  • The app has a feature to customize and calculate mortgages, property taxes, and insurance.


  • Less detail about the home environment than other apps

Introduced in 2006, Redfin allows the user to search for nearby homes, condos, and townhomes that are for sale or hosting an open house.You can book a tour of the house directly in the app. Redfin is an app and a broker.

Redfin offers the best value for money due to the lowest listing fees, while maintaining competitive technology and customer service. When it comes to selling, most homes are offered for as little as 1.5% (and 1% in some markets).Upon purchase, the average buyer will receive a refund of $1,500 in brokerage fees.While all apps are free, the cost of buying a home can be less than other apps because you can search Redfin for homes listed by Redfin agents who charge lower rates and offer buyers rebates.

Available in over 100 US markets, Redfin's real estate app updates listings every 5 minutes so interested buyers can narrow their search, whether by neighborhood, school district, ZIP code, or city.

Since Redfin is a real estate agent, it has access to regional MLS data where Redfin has agents.

The app combines innovative technology with timely and personalized human interaction. If you have questions about a specific home or would like to work with a Redfin agent, simply click the Connect with a Redfin Agent button to ask a question and a Redfin real estate agent will email or reply to your inquiry. the phone.

What is a home buying application?

A home buying app is an app that offers a variety of useful real estate services. These apps can be used to search for homes, find a real estate agent, or find out home value.

Many real estate buying apps are beneficial to potential buyers because they can search by geography and filter by specific information like number of bedrooms or square footage and more.

How accurate are home buying apps?

Real estate buying apps combine real estate knowledge, extensive databases, and technology in a convenient, simple, and easy-to-use format. Each home buying app has different features and tools aimed at different users.

How can I use an app to buy a house?

Real estate apps help you find, quote and calculate the perfect propertymortgage payment, and even electronically sign final documents, among dozens of other tasks.

For example, you can search for a property with multiple options and customize the filters according to your preferences. This includes finding a home with your preferred size, location, neighborhood, price, number of bedrooms, and parking criteria.

With this information available at their fingertips, interested property buyers are better equipped to find a property that suits their preferences. With the help of virtual tours, people can easily compare homes without having to drive to each location in person.

How many houses should you see before you buy?

There's no exact number, but technology is giving us home-buying apps that allow buyers to tour dozens of homes in a matter of hours.

Once you've reviewed as many homes from the comfort of your mobile device, you'll start to see trends in the areas you research. The research will help you set your expectations for price and the features you want. You'll also find that new homes are listed every day, so it's worth taking your time and waiting for the right home for you, weather permitting.

How We Picked the Best Home Buying Apps

When selecting the best apps for buying real estate, we rank each app based on database size, search power, agent options, data reliability, and value. In addition, app ratings, usability, and availability on Apple and Google platforms were taken into account.

We analyzed 15 home buying apps to determine the best in each category. We also looked at how each company extracted the databases and how often their records were updated based on that extraction. We also prefer to use free apps and make it easy to find an experienced agent.

The 6 Best Home Buying Apps of 2023 (13)


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