The best faith builds in Dark Souls 3 (2023)

As one of the hardest builds to start the game, Faith is the most rewarding build in New Game Plus. Still, there are some ways to max out stats very early in the game, so it's not hard work for Soul of Cinder.

Start of the game

The best faith builds in Dark Souls 3 (1)

Starting with the Priest or Herald class, faith building is a challenge. With Miracles available, players can enjoy a reliable source of healing when out of Estus. findIrinaas soon as possible and getLightning Spearthis will help tremendously.

  • StandImplemented weapons can help players avoid losing points in STR and DEX in favor of FTH.
  • findBraille Divine Tome of Carimat the start of the Road of Sacrifices will give players access totears of denial. Miracle avoids death by letting the player live with one HP.
  • Talismans and bells should be left to the player's personal preference, as each has different advantages and disadvantages.
  • OA double-edged swordit's a strong choice to use with a raw gem, but any weapon will work well enough.
  • OWinged Knighton the high wall of Lothric and theevangelistain Undead Settlement has a chance to cast oneblessed pearlfor players who want to build blessed weapons from scratch.

Players may want to invest in Strength or Dexterity for a hybrid build. Raw, Blessed, Deep, Fire, Poison, and Simple weapon infusions can help counter enemies with different resistances and do not require damage stat leveling. Finding what's comfortable is the initial goal, and then the goal for the rest of the game is to build on that.

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Hybrid strength/faith

The best faith builds in Dark Souls 3 (2)

Many weapons scale well with both strength and faith. He uses some of the most powerful weapons in the game to deal physical damage and lightning strikes. The purpose of this build type is to use a Talisman or Chime for ranged attack and healing while maintaining pressure with a powerful weapon.

  • The big hammer from Morne,Large ax dragon slayereDragon Slayer Sword Spearare good weapons for this type of build. However, any Force weapon infused with Gem Lightning will gain a similar effect.
  • tears of denialis a good choice to run on any build. It is possible to perform this miracle, detune it and put the effect instead.
  • Holy EdeDeep protectionprovide increased damage and defense.
  • lightning rodit will provide another means of dealing melee damage and has a generous hitbox.Players can use Lightning Stormfor players who didn't get Swordspear from Nameless King's Soul.
  • Players can use any heavy weapon and useLightning BladeA miracle that clothes him in Lightning.
  • Ring of the firstborn suneMornes Ringboth increase miracle damage.
  • Players can use the Lightning Clutch Ringto increase all lightning damage from miracles and weapons that deal lightning damage.
  • Players can use attack boosting rings such as Lloyd's Sword Ring and Red Tearstone Ring to great effect for this build.
  • With a combination of Miracle Boosting or Physical Boosting gear, this build excels at dealing any kind of damage.

Oart with weaponsBoth Dragonslayer weapons deal electric damage, making them reliable sources of high volume electric damage even with no FP left. Focusing on Strength, Stamina, Coordination, Faith, and Strength can distribute levels unevenly, so it's important to pay attention to a weapon's stats. call likeKnight's ringePresenting the Ringcan help increase levels at the cost of a ring slot.

Complete miracle construction

The best faith builds in Dark Souls 3 (3)

The game's most powerful wonder comes from its portability.the soul of the lords. OSpear of Sunlightwill be what players will spam for damage in almost any situation. Tuning becomes that much more important the more the player relies on Miracles. Since miracles are the main source of damage, it will only be necessary to increase the level of strength, stamina, coordination and faith. Players may even argue that stamina is not that necessary due to its usetears of denial.

  • Catastrophic miracles must includeSpear of Sunlight, anyonelightning rodoThunder,LyneThe path of the white crown.
  • Defense and healing miracles must includeDeep protectioneHoly Edas they both increase attack power and damage absorption,Great magic damesoothing sunlight.
  • Mornes RingeRing of the firstborn sunwill increase the damage of miracles and can be used in conjunction with itquick coupling ringto increase the damage of Sunlight Spear.

UserWitch's branchor onesmart ringincreasing the casting speed is highly recommended. Sunlight Spear is the main source of damage and deals double damage when fighting melee. Lightning Stake is a quick wonder to throw, but doesn't do as much damage as Sunlight Spear or Lightning Storm. However, Lightning Storm takes a bit longer and does more damage. Figuring out when to perform these miracles in each situation becomes easier with practice.

Dark/bloody miracle building

This is a relatively simple build that uses Faith and Intelligence for Dark Miracles and Luck for the Bleed status effect. Miracles that bleed use a fixed amount and cannot be increased by success. Using other weapons with bleed status will use the luck stat, but it is optional.

  • Dark wonders must containLife Hunter ScytheeDorhy's rodent.dead againcan be used, but it is not always practical.
  • Using other damaging wonders like Sunlight Spear can be used normally.
  • Players can use Healing and Buffing Miracles normally.
  • Anything that generates bleed can be used as a weapon butInstructor Twin Bladesthey have the fastest concentration to the situation.
  • Players can use othersDarknessweapons imbued with great effect with this build.

The main idea behind the build is to promote Bleed. Dealing 15% of an enemy's HP every time they move starts to stack with other sources of damage.friendlywill increase how much bleeding weapons will increase the invisible stat bar, but it should not be the main focus if players want to use weapons of Darkness.Fireworksscales with Faith and Intelligence, making it easy to use on enemies resistant to Darkness or Bleed.

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Several pieces of equipment are suitable for Faith builds. Although their use is optional, they should not be neglected.


  • quick coupling ring- This ring increases electrical damage by 15% and reduces physical damage absorption by 10%.
  • Mornes RingeRing of the firstborn sunboth increase the damage of miracles by 12 and 20 percent respectively.
  • Presenting the Ring- Increases loyalty by 5 points and can be useful at lower levels to reach the required requirements for certain weapons.
  • smart ring- Any variation of this ring is good as it increases casting speed by a fixed amount.
  • Lloyd's sword ring- A good ring for any build that increases attack power by 10% while at full health.
  • red drop ring- Another ring for each build that increases attack power by 20% while the remaining HP is 20% or less.

Although it is not a ring, it should be noted thatWitch's branchboth increase casting speed more than any variant of itsmart ringand just be free to use the buffet.


Choosing a Talisman comes down to simple preference, as each has its strengths and weaknesses.

  • Good luck charm- Deals good damage and maintains good armor.
  • Talisman of sunlight- Deals less damage, but has high armor.
  • Amulet of the Saint- Deals more damage but has the lowest armor.

Bells do more damage, but lack the Talismans' weapon arts that grant upper arms. The best touch isYorka's touchand deal the most damage of any catalyst when casting miracles. during the castingblack wonders, using possiblyCaitha's bellor the oneSunless Talismanwill do the most damage.


Many weapons scale with Faith, but any weapon works when paired with a Lightning gem. There are some notable weapons in the pack that have innate lightning damage or high loyalty scaling.

  • Dragon Slayer Sword Spear- Deals physical damage and lightning strikes with a powerful weapon art that can strike ranged enemies with lightning.
  • Large ax dragon slayer- Deals physical and electrical damage with an AoE Weapon Art capable of taking out most enemies in one hit.
  • The big hammer from Morne- Deals heavy physical damage with balance and defensive weapon arts that push enemies back.
  • Any of the three available Twin Swords of the Prince work well with the Faith build, as well as many other stats.
  • To Wolnir's Holy Sword- A good choice for strength and faith builds with mediocre weaponry but good scaling.
  • São Bidente- One of the fastest choices for a Faith weapon that deals good damage even without infusion. The Lightning Blade on top of the weapon can hit higher numbers than hitting with a Lightning Gem.
  • straight sword of the sun- Deals a lot of damage while you have a weapon art that works like Sacred Oath Miracle.

Being one of the more difficult builds, Faith builds can be very rewarding. The start is a battle, but players can choose other buildings and redistribute their statsrosariesInstead of. However the players decide to do it, there are many combinations of weapons, talismans and wonders to choose from and they have a lot of fun in the game.

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