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Walt Disney World Annual Tickets are back! Walt Disney World's annual ticket sales have resumed for all guests after a wait of more than a year and a half. We have an overview of what you need to know about the different types of annual pass and which card may be best for you. Learn more below.

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1 – A bit of history

During the pandemic, annual ticket sales were halted, although passport holders were able to renew their passports during the renewal period. A new passport program was launched in September 2021. However, Disney stopped sales to most guests shortly after December 2021. Only current passport renewals and one passport type were available to Florida residents during this period. Many locals, DVC members and frequent visitors were eager to buy cards. The new ticket sales started on Thursday 20 April.

2 – Options and ticket names

Four different passports are available, although three have certain requirements that must be met, such as Florida residency or DVC membership. Below we discuss the cards, their costs and blackout dates.

Available to all guests:

Walt Disney World Annual Pass 2023 - Our Ideas and 7 Things You Should Know - DisneyLists.com (2)

The Incredi pass is the only pass available to non-Florida residents, and it is the most expensive. However, the pass has no blackout dates, making it the most flexible in terms of use. The Passport costs $1399 plus tax. Florida residents purchasing this pass can make monthly payments of $108 after an initial payment of $205.

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Available to Florida residents and DVC members only:

Walt Disney World Annual Pass 2023 - Our Ideas and 7 Things You Should Know - DisneyLists.com (3)

The Disney Sorcerer Pass is available to eligible Disney Vacation Club members and Florida residents. This pass is a great option for guests who want to visit Walt Disney World for most of the holiday season but miss Thanksgiving weekend and the last two busy weeks of December. This pass costs $969 plus tax. Florida residents who purchase this pass can make monthly payments of $69 after an initial payment of $205.

Available to Florida residents only:

Walt Disney World Annual Pass 2023 - Our Ideas and 7 Things You Should Know - DisneyLists.com (4)

If you are a resident of Florida and paying over $1,000 after tax is a little difficult for you, the Disney Pirate Pass may be a good option. It's a great pass midway between Sorcerer Pass and Pixie Dust Pass. This pass allows you to visit most weekends. The biggest problem with this pass is that you cannot visit the parks during most holiday seasons. And we don't just mean the big holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. We mean all holiday weekends like Columbus Day weekend, Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, President's Day weekend and more. This pass costs $220 less than the Sorcerer Pass, but you'll be much more restricted than the old annual passes used to be. This pass costs $749 plus tax. Florida residents who purchase this pass can make monthly payments of $50 after an initial payment of $205.

Walt Disney World Annual Pass 2023 - Our Ideas and 7 Things You Should Know - DisneyLists.com (5)

Finally, Florida residents can purchase the Disney Pixie Dust Pass. This pass can be purchased from September 2021. It is the cheapest pass, but also the most restrictive. Not only are you locked out every weekend, but also during the same Pirate Pass holiday periods. If you have a lot of flexibility during the week, this pass could be great. However, most need weekends as an option. This pass costs $399 plus tax. Florida residents who purchase this pass can make monthly payments of $19 after an initial payment of $205.

3 – Park reservations

Depending on your pass level, guests will be able to make up to five park reservations at a time. The Incredi-Pass and Sorcerer cards allow five park reservations. Pirate Pass allows four park reservations at a time. The Pixie Dust Pass gives guests three park reservations at a time.

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A new perk that will come into effect on April 18, 2023 is that annual pass holders can now visit theme parks after 6 p.m. 14.00 without having to reserve a park. The exception to this is Saturdays and Sundays in the Magic Kingdom. This gives pass holders more flexibility and spontaneity when visiting the parks.

As with all passes, passholders staying at Disney resorts can make additional park reservations for each day of their stay, in addition to making five theme park reservations at a time. This is important because it means that resort guests who have planned a seven-day holiday can book the park for seven days and are not restricted by its access restrictions. For times when the availability of parking passes is limited or can fill up, it is nice to know that you can make all the necessary reservations.

On the other hand, you must be aware of this restriction if you live off the property. If you have the Pirate Pass and have planned a seven-day holiday, you can only book the first four days in the park. Then, at the end of each of the first days, you must book the rest of your holiday. You run the risk of some parks becoming overcrowded and inaccessible. Even with the recent benefit of not requiring park reservations after 6 p.m. for annual pass holders (see above), you don't want to wait until 14.00 with entering a park because you have chosen to stay off property.

Walt Disney World Annual Pass 2023 - Our Ideas and 7 Things You Should Know - DisneyLists.com (6)

4 – Plugin to download for PhotoPass

For several years, Annual Pass holders have received unlimited PhotoPass downloads for free as part of their Annual Pass benefits. In 2021, this perk was changed to a purchasable add-on only. Passholders now have the option to add Disney PhotoPass to their Annual Pass for $99 for the year. Considering vacationers pay $169 upfront and $199 for PhotoPass photos, the discounted price adds up to savings. Still, it's hard to get excited about paying for a free benefit. If there is an insignificant investment, be aware that "Family and Friends" can share in the benefits of taking pictures. So if you are a family of five, just-inThe person must add the PhotoPass option to their passport. As long as the rest of your family (or friends) are on your list in the MyDisney Experience app, one person can download the photos. That's the policy, at least for now. We would not stand by Disney to remove the ability to share photos from "Family and Friends" in the future.

5 – Water park and additional sports

The other available add-on is the Sports & Water Park add-on. We recommend this plugin if you like Disney water park! This add-on includes unlimited access to Disney's water parks, one round of golf at Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course, FootGolf, one round of miniature golf and access to ESPN Wide World of Sports. Here is the fine print of this addition from the Walt Disney World website:

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Under your Annual Pass, adding the water park and sports option includes guest access to select Walt Disney World experiences (no blackout dates):

      • Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park or Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park, whichever is open (Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park is currently closed).
      • Disney's Oak Trail Golfbane
      • FootGolf without Disney's Oak Trail
      • Disney's Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf Course (one round before 4pm)
      • Disney's Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course (one round before 4pm)
      • ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

We love that each card can purchase this add-on, giving more visitors these benefits. These were only available with the higher level. In addition, Disney no longer sells annual passes to the water park. Given that the water park admission discount for annual pass holders is $50, you only need to visit the water parks twice to pay for this add-on. We also enjoyed several rounds of mini golf which cost $14. We think this is a great value if you want to visit the water park and various golf options at the resort.

6 – Free parking at amusement parks, sales of goods and food

As an Annual Passholder, you will continue to have free theme park parking. That's a really big deal since parking at the theme park costs $25 a day. visit. If I had to pay $25 for each visit, I wouldn't renew my passport, and we suspect many other passport holders wouldn't either.

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Another benefit we're happy to still offer is 20% off merchandise. Considering that for many years (until recently) the discount was only 10%, we are very pleased to see that not only is the discount included, but it remains at 20%. So if you buy a lot of items throughout the year, this discount goes a long way towards offsetting the cost of the pass. At Disney Springs, you also get a 10% discount in selected stores outside of Disney. We usually buy Legos at the Lego store. the extra 10% has saved us a lot over the years!

Finally, Annual Passholders also receive a 10% discount on dining at most Walt Disney World table dining. In addition, select quick service restaurants at Disney Springs also offer a 10% discount for cardholders. Our favorites include: Earl of Sandwich, Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew, and Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza. It's nice to have these discounts on food. Any additional savings are welcome and offset the cost of the pass.

7 - General considerations

We have been an annual pass holder since 2005 and have seen changes to the program over the years. Current access options are valid from September 2021. The last price increase was in December 2022. We are pleased that access passes are now available to more guests. Visiting Walt Disney World is expensive, but there are benefits to buying an annual pass and you can save money if you use it right.

For a FREE, no-obligation Disney vacation package, contact our travel partner Magical Vacation Planner at 407-442-0227 (407-442-0215​​​​for Spanish). You can also request a FREE quote online atClick here.


How many times do you have to go to Disney to make the annual pass worth it? ›

At minimum, guests will need to visit at least 6 times (as long as they park hop) or 9 times (if they don't park hop) to get their money's worth on the highest level pass. If you are satisfied with one trip to Disney World in a year, the Annual Pass might not provide enough value to be worth the major spend.

What all is included with the Disney Annual Pass? ›

access to all four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Disney's Animal Kingdom), with park hopping, every day of the year, subject to reservation requirement. ability to hold up to five parks pass reservations at a time. up to 20% discount on select dining and merchandise (perk of all ...

Can I pay off my Disney annual pass early? ›

Yes. If you are a Florida Resident and purchased an annual pass using the monthly payment program, you may pay off your balance in its entirety at any time without penalty by calling Passholder Payment Services at (888) 701-4100.

How do I get a Disney annual pass over the phone? ›

If you prefer, call us at (407) WDW-PASS or (407) 939-7277. Guests under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to call.

Can you bring a guest on an annual pass to Disney? ›

A. Yes! You can link Annual Passes to family and friends if they are connected to your Family & Friends list. Link an Annual Pass to My Disney Experience.

How many reservations can you have at Disney for an annual pass? ›

Each Walt Disney World Annual Pass provides a different number of theme park reservations—made via the Disney Park Pass system: Disney Incredi-Pass: Up to 5 reservations held at a time. Disney Sorcerer Pass: Up to 5 reservations held at a time. Disney Pirate Pass: Up to 4 reservations held at a time.

How do you get free parking with Disney annual pass? ›

Select annual passholders and guests staying at a Walt Disney World resort hotel receive complimentary theme park parking.

Does Disney Annual Pass cover whole family? ›

In other words, both adults in your party will need their own annual pass for a total of two annual passes. As a reminder, all Guests ages 3 and up need their own Disney Park Pass theme park reservations as well.

Do you have to show ID with Disney annual pass? ›

The pass card must be presented—along with a photo ID—at the time of purchase, when you book and when you redeem any Passholder offer.

Is Disney cashless 2023? ›

Cashless Transactions: You can use your debit or credit cards, Disney gift cards, Mobile Wallet, Apple Pay, or charge to your room using your MagicBand.

Why did Disney stop selling annual passes? ›

New annual pass sales were halted in 2021 as the park sought to manage crowds amid the coronavirus pandemic. Only existing pass holders are currently eligible to renew.

What happens if you get to your Disney hotel early? ›

If you arrive early, there is no guarantee that your room will be ready. While efforts will be made to have the room available, standard check-in times remain in effect. If your room is not ready when you arrive, you can choose to have the resort send you a text message when your room becomes available.

How do you use Disney annual pass parking? ›

Complimentary Parking

Annual Passholders are entitled to free standard parking at the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom parking lots. Free parking is not valid for special events requiring a separate admission charge or special events that are not open to the general public.

How long do you have to activate a Disney annual pass? ›

When it comes to purchasing a new Annual Pass, lots of people don't realize you DO NOT have to use your pass right away! Once you buy a pass, you have 365 days to “activate” it (use it for the first time). So, let's say you don't have a Disney trip planned until January of 2024.

Can you cancel your Disney annual pass anytime? ›

I'm sorry to hear you are interested in canceling your Walt Disney World Resort Annual Pass. Once purchased, annual passes are non-refundable and cannot be canceled.

Can two people use the same Disney annual pass? ›

Yes! You can link Annual Passes to family and friends if they are connected to your Family & Friends list. Link an Annual Pass to My Disney Experience. After you have entered the Annual Pass ID numbers (printed on the pass), you will be asked to match each pass with a person on your Family & Friends list.

Is Disneyland still free on your birthday? ›

The Disneyland Resort did give a free park admission ticket to Guests on their birthday as part of a limited-time promotion several years ago, but this is not currently offered. Tickets to enter Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park must be purchased for all visitors ages 3 and up.

Can I give my Disney pass to someone else? ›

A: Yes. If the ticket has not yet been used, you can reassign a ticket to another person on your Family & Friends list. To do so, visit the My Reservations section of My Disney Experience, locate the ticket you wish to reassign and select the “Reassign Ticket” link to the right of the ticket.

Is Disney limiting capacity 2023? ›

Yes, you're reading that right, Disney REDUCED capacity during certain holiday periods in the first quarter of fiscal year 2023 (which covered from around October 2nd to December 31st, 2022) by 20% compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Can annual passholders park hop anytime? ›

One of the benefits of being an Annual Passholder is that you can park hop. Currently, if you have an Annual Pass, you can park hop after 2:00 pm as long as there is park availability for the park you are going to, and there aren't any annual pass blackout dates for your type of annual pass.

When can annual passholders go without reservations? ›

Beginning April 18 2023, Walt Disney World Annual Passholders will be able to visit the theme parks after 2pm without needing a park reservation, except on Saturdays and Sundays at Magic Kingdom Park.

Is Disney free after 6pm? ›

How Much Does it Cost after 6 pm to park at Disney World Theme Parks? Disney Parking Costs after 6 pm are the SAME as they are any other time of day. The only exception to this is if you have a Table in Wonderland card, which we'll chat about below.

How much is parking at Disney World 2023? ›

Q: How much is parking at Disney World 2023? A: Standard parking: car or motorcycle – $25 per day (included for Disney hotel guests) Preferred parking: Disney world preferred car parking prices or motorcycle – $45-$50 per day.

Are Disney Magic Keys worth it? ›

Is a Magic Key worth it? A Disneyland Magic Key is especially beneficial for a local guest, but can also be beneficial for the out-of-town visitor. When you tack on the discounts added to Genie Plus service, dining, merchandise, parking and hotel stays, it can lead to significant savings.

Can I bring a guest with my Magic Key Pass? ›

If you would like to bring a guest, they will need to purchase a valid theme park ticket and also have a Theme Park Reservation for the day they would like to visit a theme park. I hope you enjoy visiting the magic often with your Inspire Key!

How much is a Disney Lifetime Pass? ›

a lifetime pass is coming to walt disney world. for only $40,000. you will be able to go to disney world.

How much does the dream key pass cost? ›

The top-end Dream Key is no more, and has been replaced by the "Inspire Key," which costs $1,600 per year in comparison to the Dream Key's $1,400 pricing last year.

What is a pixie pass? ›

Disney World Pixie Dust Pass Perks

With Pixie Dust, you can only hold three park reservations at a time. Other perks are consistent across all pass levels: Free standard Theme Park parking. 10% to 20% discounts on select dining and merchandise.

Do Disney annual passes have blackout dates? ›

No blockout dates apply. Make and hold up to 5 park reservations at a time on a rolling basis** (reservations are limited and are subject to availability).

How does Disney know if you are a Florida resident? ›

A: You'll need to provide proof of a Florida residential address in order to purchase a Florida Resident park ticket or annual pass. For each ticket or pass purchased for an adult, you may provide any of the following: Valid Florida driver's license (must have a Florida address)

What is Disney getting rid of in 2023? ›

As many of you already know, Splash Mountain permanently closed on January 23rd, 2023. Although we were sad to say goodbye, the same flume-type ride is currently being reimagined to become Tiana's Bayou Adventure, which is set to open in late 2024!

What are the cheapest months for Disney World 2023? ›

Cheapest Time of the Year at Disney World in 2023

As a rule, January, February, August, and September are the cheapest seasons, as long as you avoid any holidays in those months. November and December are also good, though the discounts are not quite as deep.

What are the new Disney rules for 2023? ›

Walt Disney World announces 3 new changes coming in 2023 to benefit guests
  • Free self-parking when staying at a Disney Resort hotel. ...
  • Park reservation requirements relaxed for annual pass holders. ...
  • Attraction photo downloads will be included with Disney Genie+
Jan 11, 2023

How much was Disney Platinum Annual Pass? ›

Cost: $969 plus tax, or $69 per month for twelve months for Florida residents, after a $205 down payment. Benefits: Visit one or more Walt Disney World Resort theme parks on most weekdays with an advance park reservation, subject to blockout dates during select holiday periods.

Do Disney annual passes start when you buy them? ›

Your Annual Pass year begins when you activate the pass, which is generally the first time you use it to enter one of the theme parks. So, if you purchase the Pixie Dust pass today, your timer will not begin until you make your first visit.

Are Magic Keys coming back? ›

The Disneyland Resort announced today that it will be resuming sales of all its Magic Keys on Tuesday, April 11, 2023. The announcement, made on social media, comes shortly after it was announced that Annual Passes are resuming sales at Walt Disney World Resort.

Can you sneak and extra kid into Disney hotel? ›

Yes, as long as you don't exceed the maximum occupancy count per hotel room (two for a king-size bed or four for two queen beds; +1 if your room happens to have a daybed or sleeper chair; 6-10 for suites depending upon size, etc) bringing an extra friend last-minute should be no problem at all!

How does Disney know who can stay after hours? ›

In order to access the Extended Evening Hours, guests will need a valid ticket or pass and a theme park reservation for the same park on the same day. You will also need to use your MagicBand, Disney MagicMobile pass, or Key to the World to prove which resort you are staying at.

Is early entry worth it at Disney World? ›

More park time

If you are staying onsite, then it's definitely a perk you should take advantage of. Getting to the parks early will allow you more freedom to enjoy your day doing the things you really want to do.

What do Disney passholders get? ›

PERKS and Inclusions for All Annual Passholders

Standard Theme Park Parking is included; Park Hopping (the ability to visit more than one park per day) is included; Discounts of up to 20% on select dining, merchandise, and activities (such as select tours, recreation options, and spa treatments).

How to park at Disney hotels for free? ›

If you are a Guest staying at a Disney Resort hotel, you receive complimentary standard parking at Disney theme parks for the length of your Resort stay. You must present valid Disney Resort hotel identification to enter the parking lots.

How do you skip parking lines at Disney World? ›

However, there are three keys to avoiding long lines that do not involve spending extra money:
  1. Learn about and use Disney's Genie app – it's free.
  2. Get to the parks well before they open.
  3. Stay in the park as late as possible.
  4. Bonus tip – plan your meals ahead using Disney's mobile ordering.
Jan 23, 2023

Do you get a MagicBand with your annual pass? ›

We are not able to provide Passholders with their MagicBands when they arrive at Walt Disney World Resort. However, getting your new MagicBand is easy!

How many times do you need to go to Disney to make annual pass worth it? ›

At minimum, guests will need to visit at least 6 times (as long as they park hop) or 9 times (if they don't park hop) to get their money's worth on the highest level pass. If you are satisfied with one trip to Disney World in a year, the Annual Pass might not provide enough value to be worth the major spend.

How many times do you have to visit Disney World to make an annual pass worth it? ›

At $130 per day, you would need to visit Disney World for about 11 days each year to make the price of $1,399 break even. So if you're planning on visiting Disney World for 11 days or more total in a year, this pass might be worth it!

What happens if you forget to renew your Disney annual pass? ›

You do have up to 30 days after your pass has expired to complete your renewal process. If you do not renew during that window, you will not be able to purchase another pass until the sale of new Annual Passes has resumed. Renewing your Annual Passholder benefits can be completed online or by calling (407) 560-7277.

What happens if I lose my Disney annual pass? ›

REPLACEMENTS: If a Pass is lost or stolen, Passholders must report the situation immediately to a Walt Disney World® Resort Main Entrance ticket booth, or, by calling the Passholder Membership Services line. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to receive a replacement Pass.

How to afford Disney multiple times a year? ›

9 Ways to Afford a Disney Vacation
  1. Find A Side Hustle. The most obvious way to afford a Disney vacation is to make more money. ...
  2. Plan Ahead. ...
  3. Go When There Are Fewer Crowds. ...
  4. Stay At Disney Value Resorts. ...
  5. Go When Children Are Under 3. ...
  6. Use Disney Gift Cards And Credit Card Rewards. ...
  7. Plan A “Skip Day” ...
  8. Set Up A Disney Payment Plan.
Apr 11, 2023

What happens when you don't pay your Disney annual pass? ›

According to the contract, if your Magic Key payment is declined, or you miss a payment, you'll be unable to use your Magic Key to enter the theme parks until you're able to update the delinquent payment.

How many days do I have to renew my Disney annual pass? ›

You can renew your Annual Pass up to 60 days before and 30 days after the pass expiration date. Keep in mind that your renewed Annual Pass will expire one year from your Anniversary Date, regardless of when you actually renew. There are 3 convenient ways to renew: Renew online.

When can I get a Disney annual pass again? ›

The Disney Incredi-Pass, Disney Sorcerer Pass, Disney Pirate Pass and Disney Pixie Pass will resume new sales and can be purchased online no earlier than 6am Eastern Time beginning April 20, 2023. Disney fans, we heard you loud and clear!

What is a reasonable Disney budget? ›

If you're looking to plan a Disney World vacation, there's a wide range of prices available to you. For a family of three or four, you'll probably want to assume you're spending at least $3500, with $5000-6000 being a comfortable amount, and $10000 being enough to make anyone's dreams come true.

What is the average income of people who visit Disney World? ›

That's in line with what Visit Orlando says the average visiting family makes: $95,000. That may not sound like a lot to some. But it's more than double Central Florida's average household income of about $40,000.

What is a good amount of spending money for Disney? ›

Using the above analysis as a guide, a good daily budget for Disney is around $233 per person per day if you are traveling as a family of four, or a total of $935 for the whole family. This figure includes theme park tickets, parking, food, and spending money, but not accommodation.

Is parking free at Disney with an annual pass? ›

All Walt Disney World guests can find free Walt Disney World parking at the resort hotels, water parks, Disney Springs, ESPN Wide World of Sports, and the miniature golf courses. Select annual passholders and Disney hotel guests receive free theme park parking during their Walt Disney World vacation.

Do you get free parking with Disney annual pass? ›

Annual Passholders are entitled to free standard parking at the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom parking lots. Free parking is not valid for special events requiring a separate admission charge or special events that are not open to the general public.

Can I cancel my Disney annual pass at any time? ›

It's my pleasure to help you with your question. According to the Disney Annual Pass Terms & Conditions, Annual Passes are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Can I upgrade my Disney annual pass before it expires? ›

Typically, Walt Disney World annual passholders can renew/upgrade 60 days before their current pass expires or within 30 days after it has expired. However, on April 20, current passholders will be able to upgrade to any available pass via Disney's website or the My Disney Experience app.

Can you upgrade Disney annual pass before renewal? ›

Starting on April 20th, current Annual Passholders can upgrade their Pass, even if they're not within the renewal window. If you do choose to upgrade to a different pass, you will need to pay the price difference in full at the time you upgrade.

What time will Disney annual passes go on sale 2023? ›

When Walt Disney World Annual Passes go on sale this Thursday, they will be available no earlier than 6:00 a.m. ET. Walt Disney World Annual Pass sales will resume for all four tiers on April 20, 2023, for the first time in a year and a half.

Why did my Disney annual pass disappear? ›

If you still do not see your annual pass after 48 hours, please double-check that the pass has not already expired. Fortunately, you can renew your annual pass online. If you have tried to link your annual pass and confirmed that it has not expired, contact us and we will help.

How much is a Disneyland annual pass at Costco? ›

Costco: This year we are thinking of buying our passes at Costco.
What is article sharing?
Renewal PriceMonthly Payment
Southern California$174.00$14.50
Southern California Select$134.00$11.17
1 more row
Jan 7, 2009


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