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by Paul Keith Davis

August 27, 2010

In 2002, the Lord graciously allowed me to experience a series of visions and revelations that I have now included in my book, Books of Destiny. The essence of these truths implied the imminent rise of great spiritual champions from all walks of life who will be identified according to Hebrews 11 and will experience the deep realms of the Spirit. They will be a unique generation whose capacity for God will be greatly expanded through supernatural grace and will have access to the heavenly treasure. This treasure is none other than the heart of God, which according to Colossians 2:2-3 contains the treasures of wisdom and knowledge hidden in Christ:

...so that their hearts may be comforted, united in love, and may attain to all the riches that come from full assurance of understanding, to a true knowledge of the mystery of God, who is Christ himself, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

As part of this general revelation, the Lord introduced me to a great champion whom He had supernaturally created as a symbol or sign of this end-time group. However, this prototype was not a human, but a horse named Secretariat. Secretariat said he "ran the greatest race of all time". This refers to his landslide victory of 31 lengths in the 1973 Belmont Stakes; a feat never achieved before or since!

This champion's secret is revealed at the time of death and Secretariat's autopsy. Incredibly, the vets found that Secretariat had a healthy heart that was 2.5 times the average size and weighed 10 pounds. It was noted that Secretariat ran the greatest race of all time because he had a supernaturally prepared heart that gave him greater capacity.

This is the revelation the Lord has given me about His end-time army. All will have an enlarged heart for God, allowing greater capacity for His love and grace. King David, a man after God's own heart, put it this way in Psalm 119:32: "I run in the way of Your commandments, because You enlarge my heart."

When I was in Exeter, England, last February, the Lord led me to preach the Secretariat story. It had been several years since I shared this message, but I did the best I could from memory. The response was overwhelming! Interestingly, I later found out that the building rented for the conference was called Belmont Church.

This seemed to be yet another statement of God's desire to bring this unique group of people in this generation to meet the great demands and domains of darkness that we see being released. I preached an updated version of this revelation in our February Inheritance in Marriage talk.

Since then, I've been even happier and more surprised to find that Secretariat's story has been adapted into a movie that will be released on October 8th. Unaware of this, we scheduled our fall conference for the exact release dates of this film. I cannot help believing that this marks God's time for the awakening of a remnant society that will be great advocates for God with greater love and capacity for Him.

Therefore, I thought it important to republish part of the “Books of Destiny” related to this Secretariat story, in the hope that this will be an encouragement to afflict God even more in the coming days.

S e c r e t a r i a d

Excerpt from "Books of Destiny"...

In 1973, Secretariat rose from oblivion and was recognized as one of the greatest racehorses of all time. At the time, interest in horse racing in the United States was at an all-time low, but this extraordinary horse changed all that. Based on Secretariat's history, no one believed he would have many chances in the Kentucky Derby. Experts believed that the distance or field of the race offered little chance of a record performance. But to everyone's surprise, Secretariat covered the first quarter mile of this prestigious race in just over 25 seconds, setting a new world record. But could such a big, broad-shouldered horse keep up that pace for another mile? They all wondered.

Surprisingly, the Secretariat not only managed to maintain this pace. He increased with every quarter of the race, completing the mile and a quarter distance in less than two minutes, a feat unprecedented before or since.

Suddenly, a media frenzy began to bloom around this beautiful red horse. Observers described it as "pretty good". He has appeared on the covers of Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated. A champion was born!

el Preakness

Excitement built as the Preakness, the second race of the coveted Triple Crown, approached. The nation's attention was drawn to this beautiful horse, for whose attributes commentators struggled to find appropriate adjectives. One announcer claimed that, in human slang, Secretariat would be a Heisman Trophy winner, a Rhodes Scholar, and Miss America, all rolled into one stunning, awe-inspiring being.

In a unique way, Preakness' performance at Secretariat was even more brilliant than his Kentucky Derby win. Secretariat was the last to start, but he still managed something unheard of in this historic race: he fired into the first corner and, turning back, raced for the lead. Now the corners on this track are tight and horse racing fans thought it was suicide to take the first corner too fast. However, Secretariat did the extraordinary in his second of three monumental races. Experienced racing experts were surprised and explained:

“The horses are not doing today what he did here. They just don't do it!”

As he had done in the Kentucky Derby, Secretariat won the preakness by two and a half lengths. Many believe that the pace of this race also broke the record, but due to a controversy over time, the speed was never verified.

With two wins under his belt, only the Belmont Stakes stood between Secretariat and the Triple Crown. One journalist said that if the Secretariat lost the Belmont, "the country could become ill-tempered and riotous".

The world's attention was drawn to this race, which some later dubbed "the greatest race of all time".

the biggest race

On the morning of the Belmont Stakes, Secretariat awoke with a seemingly mystical resolve. His handlers later told reporters that he "was dancing and bucking, flaring his nostrils and rolling his eyes". Somehow I was full of anticipation for the race. He allegedly "strode out of the stable like a stallion heading to the breeding stables, walked around the open-air ring on his hind legs and raised his paws to the sky in a magical, unforgettable moment, now frozen in time".

Secretariat completely intimidated the competition by approaching the exit door; an unearthly atmosphere seemed to envelop him.

He didn't just walk to the door, he crouched into position.

The Belmont was the longest of the three races. Once the green light was given, Secretariat faced a formidable challenge from a horse named Sham. The first six furlongs passed in a whopping seventy seconds, with Sham incredibly aware of the secretariat. However, the pace proved too fast for Sham to handle and the challenger was injured in the last race he would contest.

Meanwhile, Secretariat continued to lead into the second half of the race. As one commentator put it, “It was like racing against the wind.” Halfway through the race, it became clear that Secretariat would beat Belmont to become the first new Triple Crown winner in 25 years. Even more surprising, however, is that rather than racing to a sure win, Secretariat maintained the same record-breaking pace; he didn't just want to win.

He intended to drive the greatest race in history.

Many observers and journalists were certain that no horse could maintain that pace for that long, and many observers and journalists thought that jockey Ron Turcotte was foolish for continuing to hustle Secretariat at that pace, leading to a collapse and loss of the Triple Crown victory. . . But the jockey had little to do with it: the secretariat worked as it pleased. This was a day of destiny. Turcotte later commented that Secretariat had ideas of their own for this race and he (Turcotte) just stuck with it and enjoyed the ride.

With the final quarter of the race ahead of Secretariat, every fan, journalist and observer was mesmerized by the strength and sheer talent of this incredible horse, whose victory went on to become one of the greatest events in the history of the sport. His Triple Crown performance is unmatched in the history of horse racing in the United States. It was the best individual performance he has ever seen in a sporting event, recalled legendary golf champion Jack Nicklaus. By the time this mythical race ended, Secretariat had beaten its closest competitor by thirty-one lengths and set an all-time record of 2:24, a feat previously thought to be impossible.

The secret of secretarial success

What a great champion God has made for us to learn! The Secretariat kept a secret that was only discovered after his death. During an autopsy, coroners discovered that Secretariat had a perfectly healthy heart, nearly two and a half times the size of an average horse's heart. The Secretariat's heart weighed twenty-two pounds, while the average horse's heart weighs about eight and a half pounds.

The Secretariat received a supernatural heart. Almighty God, the Creator, endowed this horse with a special talent and greater ability than any other racehorse in recorded history.

When I asked the Lord why he gave the Secretariat such a big heart, he responded quickly and succinctly:

"Because I liked it."

No matter what the veterinarians' guesses or the animal biologists' guesses might prove, God just decided to make a great champion. As stated in Isaiah 42:5-6:

Thus says the Lord God, who created and stretched out the heavens, who stretched out the earth and its seed, who encouraged his people and the spirit that walks in it: I am the Lord, I have called you in righteousness I will also call you to hold your hand and protect you and make you a league of the peoples, a light for the peoples..."

Thus, in this generation of prophetic destiny, at a unique moment in human history, the Lord Jesus will demonstrate divine power and kingdom virtue through dark champions with “supernatural hearts.” The hearts of these champions will swell with the passion and longing for the Savior and the compassion from Heaven that they know how to bring to a generation in need.

Many, like Secretariat, will come out of the dark to compete in some of the greatest races of all time.

Isaiah 22:22

In prophetic symbolic fashion, the Secretariat's 22-pound heart can represent the generation that will soon arise with a command from Isaiah 22:22:

So I'm going to put the key to David's house on his shoulder, when he opens no one closes, when he closes no one opens.

The key to the house of David points to a ruling people who, like King David, will be anointed as worshipers and warriors. David is seen in Scripture as a man after God's own heart. He had in his heart a special capacity for the revelation of God and his kingdom. So will the rising generation of radical worshipers and warriors who will champion new standards of excellence and victory on a day unprecedented in history.

David's heart prophetically portrays the nature of the champions of the Lord's host. They will be feared by the powers of darkness, who will recognize the victory of Christ which they confer. As the psalmist reports:

You once spoke to your saints in a vision and said: I helped a strong man, I exalted a chosen one of the people. I found David my servant, anointed him with my holy oil.Salmo 89:19-20

God empowered David to become a champion of Israel, and God exalted him as a chosen hero from among his people and anointed him with holy oil. David was a champion of Israel, anticipated and identified by the prophetic voice of that day.

There were precursors and prototypes in the past, but now a whole group of people is being groomed for this noble purpose. This great and weighty mystery is the hidden truth of godliness. In the Lord Jesus, God became visible in human flesh and confirmed by the Holy Spirit and preached among the nations. The Living Word or Bread of Life desires to become flesh again through a group of people united to Him in holy perfection. Since we do not live on natural bread alone, but on the living Word that proceeds from the mouth of God, the abundant bread of life, the hidden truth of godliness also becomes part of our spiritual DNA.

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor has it entered into the human heart, the great project of heaven that the Lord wants to reveal to his people.

Mysteries tucked away deep in the Father's heart, locked away in the mind of Christ, and scattered by the mind that seeks deep things, await the passionate embrace of a victorious, holy, and victorious society of the last days.

Abba, his spirit and the bridegroom say: "Come".

End of excerpt from "Books of Destiny"...

Pablo Keith Davis
White Dove Ministry
E-mail: consultas@whitedoveministries.org

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